What is Maxxis Crossmark for?

The Maxxis Crossmark II tire is a lightweight mountain bike tire intended for the trail category that shines in dry hard pack and loose over hard pack conditions. The ramped center knobs do a great job balancing both low rolling resistance and braking performance.

Is Maxxis Crossmark good for trail?

Maxxis Crossmark II EXO TR 29 x 2.25in bottom line A reasonably quick tyre in dry conditions, but unpredictable in the damp and a bit on the heavy side for an XC racer. However, the EXO casing makes it a good rear tyre option for trail riders.

Is Crossmark 2 Fast rolling?

The Crossmark II tyre is a fast-rolling tyre with ample precision for the ultimate high-speed endeavour.

Is Crossmark II fast rolling?

Why are some Maxxis Tyres yellow?

If “MAXXIS” is in yellow letters, that means the tire was bought separately from the bike and is not “original equipment”.

Why are Maxxis tires so good?

Rubber compounds. For their high-end tires, MAXXIS have focussed on triple-compound blends. The 3C MaxxGrip and 3C MaxxTerra compounds are particularly suitable for use on Trail and Enduro bikes. MAXXIS also use a dual compound for some of their rear-specific tires.

What is Maxxis pace for?

The Maxxis Pace uses small, tightly spaced knobs to create a tire with low rolling resistance. Originally intended for XC use, the Pace has proven to work well for slopestyle, pump track, and dirt jumping.

Which is better Maxxis white or yellow?

Contrary to popular belief, there is actually no technical difference between tires with a white or yellow MAXXIS logo. The former is only available to OEM customers such as bike brands, while the latter is what you can buy yourself from the shops.

How can I tell if my Maxxis tyres are fake?

…if they are yellow logo aftermarket tires, nabbed the mesh logo bag. If they have a white maxxis logo, then they are OE and have no packaging.