What is marshalling JAXB?

The JAXB Marshaller interface is responsible for governing the process of serializing Java content trees i.e. Java objects to XML data. This marshalling to XML can be done to variety of output targets.

What is the use of ObjectFactory in JAXB?

jaxb package. An ObjectFactory allows you to programatically construct new instances of the Java representation for XML content. The Java representation of XML content can consist of schema derived interfaces and classes representing the binding of schema type definitions, element declarations and model groups.

What is JAXB marshalling and unmarshalling?

Marshalling is the process of writing Java objects to XML file. Unmarshalling is the process of converting XML content to Java objects.

What is marshaling and Unmarshaling?

Marshalling is converting the data present in an object into a an xml format and viewing it in an xml format and unmarshalling is reverse of it converting an xml file into an object. Follow this answer to receive notifications.

What is the use of Jaxb2Marshaller?

Class Jaxb2Marshaller. Implementation of the GenericMarshaller interface for JAXB 2.2. The typical usage will be to set either the “contextPath” or the “classesToBeBound” property on this bean, possibly customize the marshaller and unmarshaller by setting properties, schemas, adapters, and listeners, and to refer to it …

What is the use of @XmlRegistry?

@XmlRegistry is used to mark a class that has @XmlElementDecl annotations. To have your JAXB implementation process this class you need to ensure that it is included in the list of classes used to bootstrap the JAXBContext .

What is Unmarshal and marshal?

Overview. Marshalling and unmarshalling is used both on the client and server side. On the server side it is used to map an incoming request to a Scala or Java object and to map a Scala or Java object to an outgoing response.

What is a Marshaller?

(mär′shəl) n. 1. a. A military officer of the highest rank in some countries.