What is Loa and Mel?

For Part 91 operators, a MEL consists of the FAA Letter of Authorization (LOA) which authorizes the operation of the aircraft specific to the aircraft make, model, serial number and registration number, the MEL Procedures Document that is developed by the aircraft operator, the Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) …

What are FAA ops specs?

Every Part 135 and 121 airline has an ops spec, which is essentially the blueprint that has been approved by the FAA for that airline. Ops spec C55, for example, deals with certain required weather criteria for determining the suitability/requirement for an alternate.

What is a FAA Mmel?

Certificate holders and program managers must base each MEL on the FAA Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) applicable to the aircraft make, model, and series (M/M/S). In addition, each MEL must be based on specific aircraft configurations, operational procedures, and conditions.

What requirements must an air taxi operator meet for Part 135 operations?

To satisfy the Part 135 requirements, operators may use the approved Airplane Flight Manual ( AFM ) or the approved Rotorcraft Flight Manual ( RFM ), as applicable, or they may develop, obtain approval for, and use a Company Flight Manual ( CFM ).

What are the 4 parts of an Mel?

The operators MEL document must include at least the following elements: 1) Table of Contents, 2) Log of Revisions, 3) Preamble and Definitions, and 4) a Control Page defining the current revision status of each page contained within the MEL.

What is difference between Mel and CDL?

While the MEL describes the limitations of aircraft operation in case of a system being inoperative/having malfunctioned (e.g. transponder failure), the CDL deals with situations where external parts of an aircraft are missing/fallen off (e.g. fairings, aerodynamic seals or panels).

What does Opspec mean?

Definition. OPSPEC. Operational Specification. Copyright 1988-2018 AcronymFinder.com, All rights reserved. Suggest new definition.

What does A003 mean?

A003 lists the authorized rating(s)—airframe, powerplant, or Airframe and Powerplant (A&P).

What is the difference between Mel and MMEL?

The MEL is similar to the MMEL. Their difference is that the MEL is formulated for a particular operator and a certain aircraft or a few aircraft, whereas the MMEL is formulated for all aircrafts of this type.

Do I need an LOA to use a MMEL?

Operators seeking authorization to develop a customized MEL must go through the FAA MEL approval process. The AFS field office ASI must ensure the operator develops their MEL using the MMEL for the aircraft as a guide. This is a requirement of the LOA.

Do you need an ATP to fly Part 135?

PART 135 MINIMUM PIC FLIGHT EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS. FAR 135.243(b)and (c) require that a PIC who does not hold an ATP certificate and who conducts operations that do not require an ATP certificate, must have acquired a minimum number of flight hours before serving as a PIC.