What is Lancing College famous for?

Lancing is famous for many an illustrious career amongst its alumni; Evelyn Waugh, Sir David Hare, Lord (Stephen) Green and Professor Sir Roy Calne to name but a few. The tradition continues today with numerous young OLs following in their footsteps and making their name in different professional capacities.

Is Lancing College a private school?

Lancing College is a public school (English independent day and boarding school for pupils aged 13–18) in southern England, UK.

Who founded Lancing College?

Nathaniel WoodardLancing College / Founder

Can you get married at Lancing College?

In order to marry at Lancing College Chapel you need permission from the Archbishop and whilst this can take some time for approval I’m sure anyone would agree it’s well worth the wait! The views are spectacular, the gothic revival architecture is absolutely stunning, inside and out, and the acoustics are incredible.

What is the history of Lancing College?

The College of St Mary and St Nicolas (as it was originally known) in Shoreham-by-Sea was intended for the sons of upper middle classes and professional men; in time this became Lancing College, moving to its present site in 1857.

Where is Lancing high school?

The school is located in West Sussex, east of Worthing near the village of Lancing, on the south coast of England. Lancing was founded in 1848 by Nathaniel Woodard and educates c. 600 pupils between the ages of 13 and 18; the co-educational ratio is c. 60:40 boys to girls.

Why does Lancing College have its own football code?

Both the main college and the prep school buildings were requisitioned by the Admiralty and became part of the Royal Navy shore establishment HMS King Alfred . In 1856 Lancing created its own code of football which (unlike other school codes) was regarded as a means of fostering teamwork.