What is identity column in Db2?

An identity column contains a unique numeric value for each row in the table. Db2 can automatically generate sequential numeric values for this column as rows are inserted into the table. Thus, identity columns are ideal for primary key values, such as employee numbers or product numbers.

How do I find the next identity value in Db2?

You cannot determine the next identity. Even if you could you run the risk of the data being out of sync by the time you try to create a new record. The only thing to do is to create a new record and get the new identity, do your check, and then update the record with the rest of the data.

Does select into create identity column?

When an existing identity column is selected into a new table, the new column inherits the IDENTITY property, unless one of the following conditions is true: The SELECT statement contains a join, GROUP BY clause, or aggregate function.

Can we add identity column to decimal data type?

Only columns of type SMALLINT, INTEGER, BIGINT, DECIMAL, or NUMERIC can be created as identity columns. You are allowed only one identity column per table. When you are changing a table definition, only a column that you are adding can be specified as an identity column; existing columns cannot.

What is sequence in db2?

A sequence is a software function that generates integer numbers in either ascending or descending order, within a definite range, to generate primary key and coordinate other keys among the table. You use sequence for availing integer numbers say, for employee_id or transaction_id.

How do you create an identity column in SQL?

Create an identity column by creating the table without any data loss

  1. Create a temporary table with the identity column.
  2. Copy the data from the original table into the temporary table.
  3. Drop the original table.
  4. Rename the temporary table to the original table name.

Is it possible to update an identity column?

You can not update identity column. SQL Server does not allow to update the identity column unlike what you can do with other columns with an update statement. Although there are some alternatives to achieve a similar kind of requirement.