What is Hovenia dulcis extract?

Hovenia dulcis (Japanese Raisin Tree) is a source of dihydromyricetin (Ampelopsin) and has traditionally been used as an anti-alcohol herb and hangover cure. At least one human study has noted that, when taken before drinking, it can reduce circulating levels of alcohol.

What is raisin tree tea good for?

Japanese raisin tree’s leaves may help USC researcher in the fight against Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, PTSD, anxiety and other conditions. Having shown the power of an ancient Chinese hangover remedy, Research Professor of Clinical Pharmacy Jing Liang is now determined to unlock the mysteries of its effectiveness.

What is Hovenia tea?

This fruit tea has been used in Asian herbal medicine to help treat hangovers, liver diseases, and infections. This special fruit tree is found all over Asia and is also known to help reduce and process toxins in the body.

What is raisin tree extract?

Supplements are most effective when they are made from pure unmodified plant extracts. Importantly, it is for this reason that we never dilute our product by adding secondary low cost fillers, vitamins, or minerals. Raisin Treeā„¢ is a 100% pure concentrated source of Dihydromyricetin (DHM).

Can you take DHM daily?

We recommended taking one serving per night out, and one more if you have a big night. It’s most effective if taken after having a few drinks.

What is Korean raisin tea?

Kwangdong Hutkae Oriental Raisin Tea is a healthy tea made from the extract of the fruit of the Japanese Hut. It is good for hangover and quenching thirst. It is an excellent tea drink for relieving hangovers after drinking alcohol by using the edible fruit concentrate as the main ingredient. It is the No.

Does Ssanggye tea have caffeine?

The set includes caffeine-free teas – so you can wind-down into the night with a book in hand!

What is Korean Raisin?

About Korean Raisin The Korean Raisin Tree is a unique plant, the edible portion of the tree is not actually the fruit. The fruit itself is small, hard, pea-sized, and not edible. But the stem or stalk of the fruit, once the fruit matures, will swell up and become gnarled.

Does DHM help your liver?

Conclusion: In total, these findings support the utility of DHM as a dietary supplement to reduce EtOH-induced liver injury via changes in lipid metabolism, enhancement of EtOH metabolism, and suppressing inflammation responses to promote liver health.

Are raisins good for hangovers?

Raisins for B-vitamins Raisins are one of the tastier hangover cures that supports liver health and contains fructose that can help increase alcohol elimination rate easing the hangover woes. Soak five to seven raisins overnight and consume on an empty stomach.

Is DHM good for your liver?

DHM could potentially help patients who go to the doctor with early warning signs of liver damage. The substance could be used to help restore and prolong their liver function and delay the onset of liver disease while waiting for a transplant.