What is G-code G94?

To set the active feed rate mode to units per minute mode, program: G94. In units per minute feed rate mode, an F word is interpreted to mean the controlled point should move at a certain number of inches per minute, or millimeters per minute, depending upon what length units are being used.

What is G-code G03?

G02 establishes a mode for clockwise circular arcs. G03 establishes a mode for counter-clockwise circular arcs.

What is G00 and G01?

When G00 command is stated we also need to specify in which direction move will occur. For example: G00 X100 Y50. Speed at which this move will be executed is usually maximum speed of machine. G01 command activates linear motion of machine.

What is G00 G-code?

For instance, “G00” is a command for rapid movement. It moves the tool to part geometry at the maximum rate and is generally used to move the tool and part from near to far or vice versa. Here are some examples of G-code: G00: Rapid move to specific coordinate position.

What does G18 signify?

G18 Defined – Circular motion is defined as the motion for the operator looking from the rear of the machine toward the front control panel. G19 Defined – Circular motion is defined as the motion for the operator looking across the table from the side of the machine where the control panel is mounted.

What is G40 G-code?

Cutter Compensation Cancellation (G40) Function G40 is used to cancel cutter radius compensation initiated by G41 or G42. It should be programmed after the cut using the compensation is completed by moving away from the finished part in a linear (G01) or rapid traverse (G00) move by at least the radius of the tool.

What is difference between G02 and G03?

What is the difference between G CODE G02 and G03? With both commands, the machine will move from its current position to the same target coordinate. In G02, the movement will be in a clockwise (CW) direction. in G03 the movement will ve in counter-clockwise (CCW).

What is G40 G code?