What is DuraVent used for?

This combination medication is used to temporarily treat cough, chest congestion, and stuffy nose symptoms caused by the common cold, flu, allergies, hay fever, or other breathing illnesses (such as sinusitis, bronchitis).

Is DuraVent compatible with DuraPlus?

The use of DuraPlus at the Transition Anchor Plate is acceptable. Is an M&G DuraVent manufactured cap mandatory? Yes. In order to have an approved UL listed system, you must use a DuraVent cap.

Is DuraVent stainless steel?

DuraFlex Pro is manufactured utilizing highly corrosion resistant 316 Stainless Steel. Listed to UL 1777 and ULC S635.

Is Selkirk and DuraVent compatible?

Is Selkirk pipe compatible with Duravent? No it doesn’t,the way the pipes couple together is completely different. We ended up having to buy a Selkirk stove adaptor to use all of our pipe.

Is Simpson DuraVent the same as DuraVent?

The M&G Group acquired Simpson Dura-Vent on September 1, 2010, becoming one of 13 companies in the privately held M&G consortium. Simpson Dura-Vent becomes known as M&G DuraVent, Member of the M&G Group.

Who is DuraVent?

DuraVent is a recognized technological leader in the venting industry. Consistently the first to market with new innovations in venting systems, DuraVent has captured a leadership position in emerging markets. DuraVent has patents for several products and continues to design safe and technologically advanced venting.

How hot does Duravent get?

Temperature rating of 1000°F Max continuous; 1400°F brief forced fired; and 2100°F 30 minutes tested. The inner liner is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, helping to deliver better protection of the exterior finish.

Do I need a wall thimble?

Wall thimbles are an important component for venting stoves and other appliances since the thimble will insulate between the pipe and the wall, to protect drywall, wood frames and other materials from high temperatures and risk of fires.

Who makes DuraVent?

the M&G Group
Simpson Dura-Vent becomes known as M&G DuraVent, Member of the M&G Group. M&G Group, headquartered in the Netherlands, produces a wide range of flue and vent products in aluminum, stainless steel and plastic. It is the largest supplier of engineered venting systems for the high-efficiency heating market in Europe.

How hot does DuraVent get?

Is Metalbestos and Selkirk the same?

Selkirk, formerly known as Metalbest or Metalbestos, are ideal for venting residential heating appliances burning wood, #2 oil, and natural and liquid propane gas.

Is Selkirk compatible with Metalbestos?

Selkirk Metalbestos Ultra-Temp is compatible with Selkirk’s UT, SS, SS2, Sure Temp (Not compatible with Super-Vent).