What is Dovecot IMAP?

Dovecot is an open-source IMAP and POP3 server for Unix-like operating systems, written primarily with security in mind. Timo Sirainen originated Dovecot and first released it in July 2002. Dovecot developers primarily aim to produce a lightweight, fast and easy-to-set-up open-source email server.

What mail server does Plesk use?

Plesk is shipped with the Postfix and Qmail mail servers. For IMAP and POP3 delivery, you can use the Dovecot or Courier IMAP mail servers.

What is the default mail server software installed on Plesk for Windows server?

Mail Server Software By default, the Postfix mail server and Courier IMAP are installed on Plesk for Linux, and MailEnable on Plesk for Windows.

Is Dovecot a SMTP?

As of version 2.3. 0, Dovecot provides an SMTP submission service, also known as a Mail Submission Agent (MSA).

How does Dovecot work?

Dovecot just handles email (a) messages leaving the neighborhood message store, going out to IMAP and POP3 customers, and (b) messages which have as of now been recieved by the MTA and are to be put away into the nearby message store.

What is Plesk email?

Plesk works with your mail server software – the key provider of email services for mailboxes and mailing lists. Once you install this, the mail server auto-configures and you’re all set to use it. However, we recommend you review the default settings to ensure these meet your business needs.

How do I access webmail Plesk?

Method #1: Accessing webmail through Plesk

  1. Log in to Plesk.
  2. In the left sidebar, click Mail:
  3. On the Mail page, locate the account for which you want to access webmail, and then click the webmail icon:
  4. On the webmail login page, type the username and password for the e-mail account you want to access.
  5. Click Login.

Can Dovecot send mail?

In this way Dovecot provides access to your mailboxes and when you are reading your email you are using Dovecot. When you to go send mail from your email client, it connects directly to Postfix using a protocol called SMTP: Dovecot is not needed.

Is Dovecot an MTA?

Postfix (MTA) – A Mail Transfer Agent that permits you to route and delivers electronic mails. Postfix is both an SMTP server and an SMTP agent. Dovecot (MDA) – A Mail Delivery Agent that primarily used as a mail storage server. It is a secure IMAP and POP3 server.

Is Dovecot a MDA?

Dovecot is a popular and secure mail delivery agent, or MDA, which can be configured to work alongside the postfix MTA.

How do I set up a Plesk email server?


  1. via Plesk. Log in to Plesk. Go to Tools & Settings > Updates. On the Updates and Upgrades page, click Add/Remove Components.
  2. via a command-line interface. Connect to the Plesk server via SSH. Run the following command to install the SMTP server: # plesk installer add –components msmtp.