What is display suite in Drupal?

Display Suite is a powerful, highly extensible module that gives developers complete control over how content is displayed. It features an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface and includes a group of pre-configured layouts that make it even easier to control the display of your nodes, views, comments, etc.

What is Panelizer?

The Panelizer module allows you to attach Panels to any node in the system. It is similar to the panels_node module that ships with Panels, which provides a single node type that is a panel. Panelizer, however, allows this to work for many entity types.

What is Drupal display modes?

Drupal View Modes allow you to render (display) a Drupal entity or entities (like nodes) in a certain way, based on a particular context. This tutorial will demonstrate the usage of Drupal View Modes with an example. We will install and also use the modules Field Group and Display Suite.

What is RSVP in Drupal?

RSVP lets users invite people to attend an event. Users create an ‘RSVP’ from an event, send an invitation email to a list of people and then track who has looked at the invitation and their responses. Invitees can view and reply without having user accounts.

What is a display suite?

Display suites provide you with the opportunity to preview the features of your future home, allowing you to touch and feel the fixtures and finishes before your apartment is even built.

What is the purpose of the display mode?

The term display mode refers to the characteristics of a computer display, in particular the maximum number of colors and the maximum image resolution (in pixels horizontally by pixels vertically). There are several display modes that can be found in personal computer (PC) systems today.

What is default display mode?

Each element in HTML has a default display mode like “block”, “inline”, etc. For example, the “div” display is “block”, and the “span” display is “inline”.