What is Dell Media Direct and do I need it?

Dell MediaDirect is a software application that is published by Dell, Inc. and is pre-installed on the computers they sell. It attempts to provide DVD and CD playback and recent editions include features such as an address book and calendar.

How do I install Dell Media Direct?

Power down your computer. Hold [F12] while powering up your computer (at the Dell BIOS screen). Press the [↓] key and highlight CD/DVD drive and press [Enter]. The MediaDirect preinstallation setup will then load.

How do I setup my Dell Vostro?

Set up your computer

  1. Connect the keyboard and mouse.
  2. Connect to your network using a cable, or connect to a wireless network.
  3. Connect the display.
  4. Connect the power cable.
  5. Press the power button.
  6. Finish operating system setup. For Ubuntu:
  7. Locate and use Dell apps from the Windows Start menu—Recommended. Table 1.

What is Dell vostro used for?

Dell Vostro is a line of business-oriented laptop and desktop computers manufactured by Dell aimed at small to medium range businesses.

How do I uninstall Dell Media Direct?

Right-click the “MediaDirect” partition in the partitions list and then click “Delete Volume.” The “MediaDirect” partition is typically between 1.8GB and 3GB in size, which is listed on the partition area under the partition name.

What is the BIOS key for Dell vostro?

With keyboard — Tap F2 until the Entering BIOS setup message appears. To enter the Boot selection menu, tap F12. Without keyboard — When the F12 boot selection menu is displayed, press the Volume Down button to enter BIOS setup.

How do I get to the boot menu on a Dell Vostro?

During the Power-on Self Test (POST), when the Dell logo appears, you can:

  1. Access System Setup by pressing F2 key.
  2. Bring up the one-time boot menu by pressing F12 key.

How do I press F12 on my Dell laptop?

The problem is, is that the Multimedia/OEM keys are the default, and you have to press the Fn key to get the F1 – F12 key to work. For example, this means you have to hit Alt + Fn + F4 to close a window, instead of the regular Alt + F4 .