What is CM like before BFP?

Cervical mucus is a fluid that comes from the cervix. It is one of the main components of vaginal discharge, it is typically clear or white, and it may have a faint odor. In early pregnancy, there may be noticeably more of this mucus than usual. It may also have a runny, watery consistency.

What should hCG be at 16 DPO?

HCG levels from normal singleton pregnancies (and twins below)

Day after HCG or LH Average mIU/ml High mIU/ml
16 95 223
17 132 429
18 292 758
19 303 514

Is 16 days past ovulation too early to test?

If 9-16 days past ovulation is the earliest you can test, what’s the ideal time to test? Anything beyond 16 days past ovulation, or from the beginning of when you would expect your period. The closer to that time and in the first week after a missed period, the more accurate your pregnancy test will be.

Can you get a BFP at 15dpo?

This is what pregnancy tests will test to determine whether you’re pregnant. Most home tests can pick up even tiny levels of hCG. So by 15 DPO, a home pregnancy test is quite likely to give you a reliable result —which might mean a BFP (Big Fat Positive) if you’re pregnant.

What does AF look like at 11 DPO?

I’m keeping all my fingers crossed and hoping for the best. 11 DPO- Creamy cm, slightly tender BB’s, strange feeling in lower abdomen, light brown when wiping (like what I get at the end of AF, but lighter in colour), by late morning the bleeding picked up to full AF. I always have a 14-15 day LP so I’m really confused why AF showed up so early.

What does it feel like at 15 DPO?

He normally only hides under the desk if there’s thunder. 15 DPO – honestly, nothing. I feel fine today, no cramps, no nausea, nothing except feeling like an idiot because clearly I was convincing my body to feel like I thought it should Still holding out a little bit of hope until af shows though.

What are the symptoms of AF at 10 DPO?

10 dpo, 5-8 dpo crampy, felt like AF was coming early. I was also tired. 8-10 dpo constipated, and the whole time sore nips, but yesterday 9 dpo i had a bruish spot show up on the underneath of my boobs. I’m 14 dpo today, AF is due tomorrow, but no sign of her yet!

What are your 4dpo and 6dpo symptoms?

4dpo: still have rash, minor nose bleed. 6dpo: intense lower cramp while out for a run, crazy dreams started and continued every night. 8dpo: minor cramps in the morning. 10dpo: cramps in am and minor pelvic pain, Almost like my hips hurt??