What is Candyland strain good for?

Many recreational Candyland consumers say that its uplifting high is excellent for stress relief. The Candyland strain may also offer temporary relief to those suffering from mood disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Is Candyland a sativa or indica?

Description. Candyland (aka Kandyland) is a Sativa-leaning cross between a male Granddaddy Purple and a female Bay Platinum Cookies (which is more commonly known as Platinum GSC).

Is Chem 4 indica or sativa?

Chem 4 OG, or Chemdawg 4 OG, is an indica dominant strain bred using Cali Connection’s SVF OG Kush and ChemDawg 4. The dense, green buds are covered in a thick layer of trichomes with THC levels that reach as high as 20%.

Is Chem Dawg a sativa or indica?

Description. An Indica-dominant cross of San Fernando Valley OG x Chem 91 is a legendary cultivar that gained notoriety on Grateful Dead tours in the 1990s. Og Chem Dawg strain is believed to have been created by Frank Gegax in Southern California. The strain is one of the parent strains to Sour Diesel.

What does Candyland strain taste like?

Being a sativa, Candyland is a great cannabis strain to use if you’re looking to feel happy and euphoric. Its flavor is predominantly sweet with earthy and flowery tones. Trichome crystals cover the small but dense buds lined with green and gold colors.

What does Candy Land strain taste like?

Where can I find Candy Land strain?

Buy Candyland weed near you

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Is Chemdawg a good strain?

Chemdawg’s potency has made it a valuable strain for crossbreeding. Its descendant strains include the phenotype Chemdawg 91 as well as the hugely popular hybrids Sour Diesel and OG Kush.

Does Chemdawg get you high?

Physical and Medical Effects Chemdawg goes straight to the head, so inexperienced smokers who don’t carefully watch their intake can experience anxious racing thoughts. Overwhelming euphoria and/or body high that is so intense it becomes unpleasant is also common.

What is Chem Dawg strain?

Chemdawg is a potent and rad strain that has a cult following due to its mind-blowing cerebral high. Although it has a moderate amount of THC, it will hit you hard and fast, so it’s great for those with no time to waste. Chemdawg also has a super dank and chemical smell with notes of diesel and pine. Diesel. Herb.