What is CAM 2 racing fuel?

“Cam 2” is the generic name used for Sunoco Race Fuels. You can expect the same consistent high quality performance from Cam 2 Racing Gasoline that you get from Sunoco Race Fuels because the names are interchangeable. It is the same product, made in the same facility by the same people.

What is the compression ratio for race fuel?

Compression alone don’t indicate choice of fuel. Compression ratio is a better indicator. Normally up to 12.to 1 compression ratio, you can get by with 92 or under. 12.5 to 13.5 runs 100 octane effectively, 13.5-14.5 puts you in 105 octane safely, and around 15:1 or better gets you into the 115 area.

How much is C16 race fuel per gallon?

Race Fuel Prices

Product Cost Cost
C15 $120.00 $1,200.00
Q16 $120.00 $1,220.00
C16 $120.00 $1,220.00
X16 $105.00 $1000.00

What is X16 fuel?

X16 offers the power and protection of leading 116 octane racing fuels for a lower price and is an ideal fuel for a wide array of motorsports applications.

Does Cam 2 contain ethanol?

This is CAM2 / Sunoco “Standard” LEADED EO 110 octane race gas. Its expensive but has no ethanol.

How much octane is CAM2 racing fuel?

CAM2 110 Octane Leaded Race Gas.

What is the best fuel for nitrous?

Use of a premium type leaded or unleaded fuel of 92, or greater, octane is recommended for most applications. Most Ny-Trex performance systems are designed for use with service station pump gas. However, when higher compression or higher horsepower levels are used, a racing fuel of 100 octane, or more, must be used.

How much is a gallon of Nascar fuel?

Be glad you’re not filling up for the Daytona 500. The gas Nascar drivers will put into their tanks on Sunday costs $7.80 a gallon. With tax, it’s $8.26—roughly twice what Americans now are paying at the pump.

What is the best fuel to run with nitrous?

We recommend VP NO2 race fuel for fogger or three-stage nitrous oxide applications with CRs up to 18:1. It bridges the gap between VP’s C16 and C23. VP NO2 has both higher octane and lower specific gravity than most nitrous fuels.

What is the octane of C12?

C12 VP Racing Fuel VP Race Fuel Specifications: Color: Green. Motor Octane 108.