What is Bob the minions teddy bears name?

Bob is a short and bald Minion with heterocromia. He often carries around a teddy bear that he owns called Tim, which is brown with yellow buttoned eyes.

Why does minion Bob have two different colored eyes?

Bob the Minion has one green eye and one brown eye, a condition which doctors call heterochromia. Heterochromia is defined as having different colored eyes, due to more or less melanin or pigment in the iris. The condition can be hereditary or caused by disease, syndrome or injury.

Is Stuart in Despicable Me?

Stuart is currently one of the only Minions that appears in every film of the Despicable Me franchise (Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2, Minions, Despicable Me 3, and Minions: The Rise of Gru).

How old is Kevin Minion?

Kevin’s Age is 13. In fact Minion years is equivalent to Human Years. But really he and all of the minions are 4 billion years old.

Is Bob the youngest minion?

Bob is one of the leading minions in Minions alongside Kevin & Stuart. Bob is the youngest of Minions.

Which minion is the tallest?

Tim appeared to be the leader of the trio and disguised as the father when they were shopping in the mall. Traits Eyes: – Hair: A tiny clump of hair Body: Slim Height: 120cm (Tallest minion) Loves: Playing Boss Hates: Losing and being laughed at “Oo..

Is Kevin the tallest Minion?

Appearance. Just like the rest of the Minions, they appear as cute, little, yellow men with one of twos eyes, but for these minions, Kevin is tall minion with two eyes, Stuart is medium sized minion with one eye and Bob is a small minion, with two eyes as well.

Which Minion is Dave?

Dave is a two-eyed minion who is a lead character, especially in Despicable Me 2. He is one of the smart minions who is loving, kind, and, of course, very funny. He and Stuart are very close to Gru, as shown when they come to Gru’s rescue when he is captured and stuffed in the boot (trunk) of agent Lucy Wilde’s car.