What is binutils used for?

The GNU Binary Utilities, or binutils, are a set of programming tools for creating and managing binary programs, object files, libraries, profile data, and assembly source code.

How do you compile binutils?

2. Compiling binutils

  1. Checking the currently installed version of avr binutils. Run the following command: avr-as –version.
  2. Downloading the source code. Get the latest version from the binutils FTP site.
  3. Unpacking the archive.
  4. Configuring and compiling binutils.
  5. Next steps.

What is GNU development tools?

The GNU Toolchain is a set of programming tools in Linux systems that programmers can use to make and compile their code to produce a program or library. The toolchain contains GNU m4, GNU Make, GNU Bison, GCC, GNU Binutils, GNU Debugger and the GNU build system.

How do I download GDB on Linux?

2. Download source code of GDB, compile it and install.

  1. Step-1: Download source code. You can download source code of all release from http://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/gdb/
  2. Step-2: Extract it. $ tar -xvzf gdb-7.11.tar.gz.
  3. Step-3: Configure and Compile it. $ cd gdb-7.11.
  4. Step-4: Install GDB.

Which are the following commands come as part of binary utilities?

The following are the 12 different binutils commands that are covered in this tutorial.

  • as – GNU Assembler Command.
  • ld – GNU Linker Command.
  • ar – GNU Archive Command.
  • nm – List Object File Symbols.
  • objcopy – Copy and Translate Object Files.
  • objdump – Display Object File Information.
  • size – List Section Size and Toal Size.

How big is build-essential?

7.5 kB 20.0 kB
Download build-essential

Architecture Package Size Installed Size
ia64 (unofficial port) 7.5 kB 20.0 kB
m68k (unofficial port) 7.5 kB 20.0 kB
mips64el 7.5 kB 20.0 kB
mipsel 7.5 kB 20.0 kB

What is build DEP?

The build-dep command searches the local repositories in the system and install the build dependencies for package. If the package does not exists in the local repository it will return an error code.