What is being built at Waverly Place in Cary NC?

Coming Soon: Contender eSports Waverly Place broadens its entertainment options with the addition of Contender eSports. The premier franchise for state-of-the-art gaming centers will be in a 2,441 square…

Who owns Waverly Place in Cary?

Northwood Retail
Waverly Place belongs to a portfolio of exceptional retail experiences managed by Northwood Retail.

Is Waverly Place real?

8. Waverly Place is an actual street in New York City. It’s located in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan.

Is the restaurant from Wizards of Waverly Place real?

The Waverly Sub Station is a sub sandwich restaurant situated in Waverly Place in Manhattan in New York’s Greenwich Village neighborhood….Waverly Sub Station.

Sub Station
Location Waverly Place, Manhattan
Inhabitant Russo Family
First “Crazy 10-Minute Sale”

Why is it called Waverly Place?

Some of the buildings at the Fifth Avenue end have retained their exterior facades, but are connected together inside to make one larger building. The street was named after Sir Walter Scott’s 1814 novel Waverley in 1833; prior to that it was called Art Street.

What school was Wizards of Waverly Place filmed at?

It took us awhile to figure out what school they were using for the establishing shots,* but it turns out to be P.S. 40, an elementary school at 320 East 20th Street, which is right on the outskirts of Stuyvesant Town and nowhere near Tribeca. Ah, Hollywood.

Was Wizards of Waverly Place filmed in NYC?

Like so many half-hour comedies set in New York, the show is filmed entirely on a sound stage in Hollywood. Only exterior establishing shots are done in the city, and seem to consist mostly of stock footage.

Where was Wizards of Waverly Place filmed?

San Juan, Puerto Rico
Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie is a 2009 American made-for-television comedy-drama fantasy film based on the Disney Channel Original Series Wizards of Waverly Place. It was directed by Lev L. Spiro and filmed primarily in San Juan, Puerto Rico in February and March 2009.