What is bee festooning?

Festooning is often observed when bees are creating new comb or fixing up their old comb. For that reason, some researchers believe festooning is a construction activity that signifies some serious comb-work is underway. Under this concept, bees may link up and festoon as means of working more efficiently.

What is a festoon in medical terms?

The festoon is a condition in which the attenuated orbicularis muscle and lax skin forms a cascading drape of edematous excess skin inferior to the inferior orbital rim and overlying the malar eminence (Figure 1). Its appearance ranges from malar edema, to malar mounds, to a festoon.

How do you use the word festoon?

Examples of festoon in a Sentence Verb We festooned the halls with leaves and white lights. The balcony is festooned in ivy. His office is festooned with newspaper clippings.

Why do honey bees cling together?

Wax Production Evidently, during the spring season, festoons are formed when combs are being drawn or repaired by the bees. In doing so, the honey bees cling to each other to generate some heat in order to increase the temperature. In doing so, they facilitate the secretion of wax from glands on the abdomen.

What is it called when bees form a chain?

The chain of bees is called a festoon, and the behavior is called festooning. It can have a variety of purposes in the creation of honeycomb.

What are festoons caused by?

Festoons are usually the result of damage. Sun exposure, smoking and aging are among the possible causes, and the results can be worsened by the contrasting pull of underlying facial muscles over the years. Fair-skinned people tend to be more susceptible to festoons.

What is festooning in dentistry?

Dentistry. to reproduce natural gum patterns around the teeth or a denture.

Why do bees ball a queen?

In certain circumstances worker bees crowd round and enclose the queen. This is believed to be a panicky attempt to protect her. It is liable to occur if the queen is frightened.

Why do bees swarm the Queen?

While the queen is fasting, the worker bees that are going to swarm with her are filling their honey guts with nectar so that they will have the resources needed to build comb and establish a new hive.