What is Bay City Rollers most famous song?

Track listing

No. Title Original album
1. “I Only Want to Be with You” Dedication (US 1976) / Non-album single (UK 1976)
2. “Money Honey” Rock n’ Roll Love Letter (US 1976) / Dedication (UK 1976)
3. “Rock and Roll Love Letter” Rock n’ Roll Love Letter
4. “The Way I Feel Tonight” It’s a Game (1977)

How many of the Bay City Rollers have died?

Since then, there have been a number of changes to the band line-up and there have been 24 members of the Bay City Rollers in the six decades they have been a going concern. Over that time, there have been a number of tragedies, with five former members tragically dying during this time.

What did Les from Bay City Rollers died of?

April 20, 2021Les McKeown / Date of death

What was Bay City Rollers first hit?

Keep on Dancing
They changed their name again by pointing at random to a spot on a map of the United States, hitting on Bay City, Michigan. Their first hit was a cover of the Gentrys’ “Keep on Dancing,” which reached number nine in the U.K. in September 1971. In June 1972, guitarist Eric Faulkner joined.

How many No 1 did Bay City Rollers have?

Bay City Rollers were a pop group from Edinburgh, Scotland. They had ten Top 10 hits in the UK between 1971 and 1976, including two no. 1’s in 1975.

Who ripped off the Bay City Rollers?

In April 2004, Paton was convicted of supplying cannabis and fined £200,000. In 2003, he was accused of trying to rape the Bay City Rollers guitarist, Pat McGlynn, in a hotel room in 1977.

Could the Bay City Rollers play their own instruments?

They couldn’t play their instruments, according to the British record producer Phil Wainman in 1975, as the band prepared for the release of their sixth single, Bye Bye Baby, a Four Seasons cover. “Their strengths were not in singing and not in playing, but they looked great,” he said.