What is BAF in freight?

BAF is the abbreviation for Bunker Adjustment Factor. The term “Bunker” refers to the Fuel that is used to operate ships. The ship operator is responsible for the payment of these bunkers to the bunker supplier.

What is BAF and CAF?

BAF means Bunker Adjustment Factor and CAF means Currency Adjustment Factor. How to distinguish between CAF and BAF? BAF and CAF are generally used by sea shipping carriers. These are charges which levied along with ocean freight to different locations at different season.

What is BAF and LSS?

BAF = Bunker Adjustment Factor. LSS = Low Sulphur Fuel Surcharge.

How is BAF calculated?

The BAF is calculated by multiplying the so-called ‘trade factor’ by the fuel price. The fuel price will be the same for all trades and is calculated as the average bunker price in key supply ports around the world over a period said to be “typically” three months.

What does BAF stand for?


Acronym Definition
BAF Budget and Finance (various organizations)
BAF Barrier-to-Autointegration Factor (protein)
BAF Batch Annealing Furnace (steel industry)
BAF Basic American Foods (Brownsdale, Minnesota)

What is the full form of BAF?

Bachelor of Accounting and Finance: Entrance Exam.

What does CAF mean in logistics?

The currency adjustment factor (CAF) is a surcharge levied in addition to freight and customs charges on imports from certain Asian countries. The CAF is intended to compensate for currency fluctuations between those nations’ currencies and the U.S. dollar that may affect shipping rates.

What is CAF shipping?

Currency Adjustment Factor (CAF) is an adjustment to shipping companies’ freight rates to take into account the effect over time of fluctuations in currency exchange rates.

What is GRI in shipping?

General Rate Increase is an extra fee added to the based rate of freight for shipping in certain trade routes. The additional fee is applied by carrier companies during peak period.

What is LSS in ocean freight?

Known by many names, the Low Sulfur Surcharge (LSS), Low Sulfur Bunker Surcharge, or Low Sulfur Fuel Surcharge (LSF), stems from an International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulation initially agreed upon in 2012 to reduce the amount of sulfuric fuel emissions being burned by cargo vessels near ports and populated …

What is BAF number?

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What is BAF text?

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