What is ATX 12V connector for?

ATX 4-pin 12V Power Connector Pinout The ATX 4-pin power supply connector is a standard motherboard power connector used to provide +12 VDC to the processor voltage regulator.

Is a PC power supply 12V?

0 specification added over the original ATX form factor a 4-pin +12V connector to deliver power exclusively to the processor, and a 6-pin auxiliary power connector providing the +3.3V and +5V voltages.

What is the 8 pin 12V power connector for?

Can be used to connect to a six or eight pin socket on a video card to provide additional 12v power. Most commonly used to power hard drives and optical drives. These are mostly often used for fan connections in modern system, but in the past they were used for hard drives, optical drives, and many other devices.

What is the 4 pin 12V connector for?

ATX 12V or the 4-pin CPU Connector This is the 4-pin connector which supplies electrical current to your CPU and is mandatory to connect in the motherboard provided you are not using the EPS12V connector which is explained below. The ATX12V 4-pin connector is used by a majority of processors be it Intel or AMD.

Do you need ATX12V?

This connector is used to supply additional 12V current to the motherboard. While the system will likely still run without it, higher current demands such as extreme overclocking or large video card current draws may require it. “

Why does an ATX power supply have 12V?

The idea behind ATX12VO is that it ditches the 3.3V and 5V rails, leaving the power supply’s only job as to provide 12V to the system’s components. This simplifies the power circuitry design and, thus, lowers the production cost of components.

What voltage is a computer power supply?

approximately 110 volts
The typical PC power supply draws approximately 110 volts of alternating electrical current from the wall outlet, which converts to a much smaller unidirectional flow of electrical current.

Do you need all 8 pins for CPU power?

The 4 pin is only necessary if you are doing extreme overclocking, such as LN2. Otherwise the 8 pin will provide all the power you will need.

Do you need both 8 pin and 4 pin CPU power?

You do not have to plug that extra 4 pin CPU power connector on the board. The 8 pin is more than enough for running the system. You’re totally fine without it. If you’re upgrading to a RTX 3070 or 3080 and a Ryzen 5600X your 650 Watts should be enough since it’s a good model.