What is at 56 degrees north?

The 56th parallel north is a circle of latitude that is 56 degrees north of the Earth’s equatorial plane. It crosses Europe, Asia, the Pacific Ocean, North America, and the Atlantic Ocean….Around the world.

Co-ordinates Country, territory or sea Notes
56°0′N 8°7′E Denmark Jutland (mainland)
56°0′N 10°17′E Kattegat

What city is about 55 degrees north?

Omsk is a city in south-western Siberia at 55 degrees North.

What country is 55 degrees north?

United Kingdom

55 Degrees North
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How north is Moscow?

55 degrees north latitude
Moscow shares roughly the same latitude as which two capital cities in Scandinavia and Western Europe? Answer: Copenhagen, Denmark, and Edinburgh, Scotland. All three cities are at 55 degrees north latitude.

What parallel is Glasgow Scotland?

55th parallel north – Wikipedia.

What latitude is Edinburgh Scotland?

55.9533° N, 3.1883° WEdinburgh / Coordinates

What cities are at 55 degrees latitude?

Notable cities and towns on 55°N

  • Omsk, Omsk Oblast, Russia.
  • Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk Oblast, Russia.
  • Derry, Northern Ireland, UK.
  • Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UK.
  • South Shields, England, UK.
  • Thompson, Manitoba, CA.

What parallel is Siberia on?

It is the northernmost integral parallel that passes through continental mainland (namely the Taymyr Peninsula of Siberia)….Around the world.

Co-ordinates Country, territory or sea Notes
77°0′N 101°20′E Russia Taymyr Peninsula
77°0′N 107°18′E Laptev Sea
77°0′N 107°57′E Russia Faddey Islands
77°0′N 108°4′E Laptev Sea

What Cities are at 55 degrees latitude?

Where can I watch 55 degrees north?

BBC One – 55 Degrees North.

Is Scotland further north than Alaska?

There may be parts of Scotland that are further north than parts of Alaska but a glance at any map of the world will show you that Alaska, generally, is much further north than Scotland. The northernmost point of Scotland is further north than the southernmost part of Alaska. That’s more accurate.

Is Glasgow further north than Moscow?

But Glasgow is a tiny bit further north than Moscow (55°45′N), which has an average January temperature roughly half of Glasgow’s, at 20.5 °F. Glasgow also is slightly further north than Copenhagen (55°41′N), the capital of Denmark.

How long is the sun visible at 56 degrees north latitude?

At this latitude the sun is visible for 17 hours, 37 minutes during the summer solstice and 6 hours, 57 minutes during the winter solstice. Starting at the Prime Meridian and heading eastwards, the parallel 56° north passes through:

What is the longitude and latitude of 45 degrees north latitude?

Latitude: N 45° 0′ Longitude: W 90° 0′ Latitude: 45° Longitude: -90°

What is the line of 0 degrees latitude?

The Equator is the line of 0 degrees latitude. Each parallel measures one degree north or south of the Equator, with 90 degrees north of the Equator and 90 degrees south of the Equator.

What is the degree of the angle of latitude and longitude?

The degree of the angle is between -90° and 90°. longitude and latitude coordinates are usually expressed in degrees and minutes. Every location consists of a latitude and longitude which is like an unique address for each point. By giving the latitude and longitude, we can track down exactly where someone is located.