What is Apicolordotic view?

Remarks… Apicolordotic view is suggested Pneumonia. both parahilar region and right lower lung pleuro diaphagmatic reaction.

What is an apical chest xray?

The apical zone (a.k.a. lung apex) is one of the four chest radiograph zones and an important location for missed diagnoses when reporting a frontal chest radiograph and makes up one of the “review areas”. It is sometimes thought of as a subdivision of the upper zone.

Can chest xray show tuberculosis?

In a chest X-ray, electromagnetic radiation forms an image of the organs in your chest, such as your heart and lungs. An X-ray can detect damage in the lungs, which may indicate tuberculosis.

What left apical?

The left apical tri-segments are the apico-posterior and the anterior segments of the upper lobe. These can be clearly isolated from the superior and inferior lingular segments, as the vasculature and airways are anatomically distinct from each other and can be clearly identified with surgical dissection.

Where is the right apical?

The right upper lobe apical segment is one of the three bronchopulmonary segments of the right upper lobe. It is the most apical of the segments in the right upper lobe and the right lung.

What does PA View mean?

The posteroanterior (PA) chest view examines the lungs, bony thoracic cavity, mediastinum and great vessels.

Why is chest PA view done?

This test is done to view any injury or fractures of the bones of the chest wall, some diseases of the lungs like pneumonia, and diagnose underlying heart diseases like enlargement of the heart.

What is an apicolordotic X-ray?

The apicolordotic x-ray is often requested by radiologists whenever they need to have a better view of an abnormality initially seen on the postero-anterior (PA) chest x-ray. It does not necessarily mean you’re sick.

What is an apicolordotic view of the lungs?

Basically an apicolordotic view is an x-ray taken at a different angle, so it can better see the tops (apices) of the lungs. The rest of the report you have posted suggests that something (suspicious opacities) are seen in the right lung.

Can an apicolordotic X-ray detect pulmonary TB?

This is why an apicolordotic view is oftentimes requested to check for pulmonary TB. If your officemate has an abnormal x-ray, he should have his sputum tested for tuberculosis as well. Usually, sputum samples taken in three consecutive days are needed for the test.

What does it mean to have microcalcifications in testicles?

Testicular microlithiasis. Testicular microlithiasis is a relatively uncommon condition that represents the deposition of multiple tiny calcifications throughout both testes . The most common criterion for diagnosis is that of five microcalcifications in one testicle, although definitions have varied in the past.