What is another word for not happy?

dissatisfied. adjectivenot satisfied or pleased. annoyed. begrudging. bothered.

What is an adjective for unhappy?

depressed, despondent, miserable, sorry, calamitous, unfortunate, troubled, bleak, blue, cheerless, crestfallen, chapfallen, dejected, destroyed, disconsolate, discouraged, dismal, dispirited, distressed, doleful.

What is a word for not being happy or sad?

1 unfeeling, impassive, cool. 2 uninterested, unconcerned. See synonyms for apathetic on Thesaurus.com.

What is the opposite happy?

The word ‘miserable’ from the passage means wretchedly unhappy and so it is the opposite of ‘happy’.

What is the synonym of unhappy given below?

Disappointed’ means being unhappy because something did not happen per your expectation. Thus, option C is the correct answer.

How do I tell my boss I’m not happy?

How to tell your manager you’re unhappy

  1. Understand the issues. The first step you should take is to put your thoughts about your current work situation in writing.
  2. Prepare what you will say.
  3. Schedule a meeting.
  4. Monitor your body language.
  5. Explain why you’re unhappy.
  6. Present solutions.
  7. Ask for ideas.
  8. Move forward.

Is there a word called unhappiness?

The noun unhappiness is all about a state of being unhappy or, in other words, a lack of happiness. This can mean a feeling of deep sorrow, like your unhappiness when your beloved pet turtle dies. It can also mean dissatisfaction or displeasure: “Our teacher did not appreciate our practical joke.

What is the opposite of happy and sad?

What is the opposite of happy?

melancholy miserable
sad unhappy
upset depressed
troubled disappointed
disturbed down

What is the opposite word for happy and sad?

Happy antonyms, or in other words the opposite of happy are: sad. unfortunate.

What is mean by lack of satisfaction?

: expressing or showing lack of satisfaction : not pleased or satisfied dissatisfied customers dissatisfied with his response.