What is an M8 terminal?

An insert terminal is a type of metric fastener, a threaded hole that accepts a matching size metric bolt. Metric bolts are designated by their size, thread pitch, and length. We’ll use M8 x 1.25 x 12MM as an example because it is the size used on most RELiON batteries.

How many types of lugs are there?

There are four types of cable connectors are commonly used in electrical construction. Ring type lug, U type lug and Pin type lug and Boot lace type are the four types of lugs popularly used by electricians. The component is used for connecting cable to the electrical equipment.

What is a main lug?

Main lug only load centers are typically applied downstream of a main circuit breaker panel and are often referred to as a sub panel. For main lug only load centers, the incoming cables are terminated on the line side of the lugs that are attached directly to the bus, no main overcurrent device exists within the panel.

How do I choose lugs?

Choosing the right cable lug also depends on the conductor class to be processed. As an example, the following cable lug types are available for cables according to DIN EN 60228: Class 1, 2, 5 and 6 conductors: compression cable lugs according to DIN 46235. Class 2 conductors: standard type tubular cable lugs.

What size is a #8 stud?

Terminal Stud Hole Size Reference Chart

Stud Size Terminals
U.S. Custom Stud Size Metric Stud Size Stud Diameter
#6 M3.5 0.138 inch
#8 M4 0.164 inch
#10 0.190 inch

What size is an M8 bolt?

The defined diameter of metric bolts is actually slightly larger than the actual diameter of the bolt shaft. So an M8 bolt would have a shaft diameter that’s slightly under 8mm which means that the bolt should fit through an 8mm hole.