What is an InetOrgPerson?

InetOrgPerson was defined in RFC 2798 to represent a standard network user, and many other directory services use it for this purpose. Therefore, inetOrgPerson was brought along to Active Directory so that it would be easier to interoperate with these other products or to migrate them to Active Directory.

What is LDAP InetOrgPerson?

inetOrgPerson service type URL used to connect to the directory resource. User ID and password to gain access to the resource. Naming context, which is the search base in LDAP terminology, and defines where in the directory tree to begin the search. Name attribute, which must be selected from the values that are …

Is InetOrgPerson a security principal?

Active Directory has been modified to support the InetOrgPerson class, and with the addition of the User class definition, you can now create InetOrgPerson as security principals in Active Directory.

What is Ldif SN?

In LDIF, the definition of an organizational person is as follows: dn: distinguished_name objectClass: top objectClass: person objectClass: organizationalPerson objectClass: inetOrgPerson cn: common_name sn: surname list_of_optional_attributes.

What is LDAP objectClass?

In LDAP, an object class defines the collection of attributes that can be used to define an entry. The LDAP standard provides these basic types of object classes: Groups in the directory, including unordered lists of individual objects or groups of objects. Locations, such as the country name and description.

What is security principal in Azure?

The security principal defines the access policy and permissions for the user/application in the Azure AD tenant. This enables core features such as authentication of the user/application during sign-in, and authorization during resource access.

What is the best practice for nesting groups?

The Best Practice for group nesting, known as IGDLA. IGDLA stands for Identities, Global groups, Domain local groups, and Access:

  • Identities (user and computer accounts) are members of:
  • Global groups that represent business roles.

What is Ldif objectClass?

objectClass: organizationalUnit. Specifies the organizationalUnit object class. This line defines the entry as an organizationalUnit. ou: organizational_unit_name. Specifies an attribute containing the name of the organizational unit.

What is an LDAP attribute?

An LDAP directory has entries that contain information pertaining to entities. Each attribute has a name and one or more values. The names of the attributes are mnemonic strings, such as cn for common name, or mail for email address. For example, a company may have an employee directory.

What is the inetOrgPerson object used for?

The InetOrgPerson object is derived from the user class. It can function as a security principal just like the user class.

What is inetOrgPerson class?

inetOrgPerson class is used by many LDAP and X.500 Directory Services to represent persons within an organization (As described in RFC2798). How to create an inetOrgPerson Active Directory object?

What is inetOrgPerson object in Active Directory?

In Windows Server 2003-and-later versions of Active Directory, an additional object class is introduced. The InetOrgPerson object class. InetOrgPerson is defined in RFC 2798, and it has been accepted as the de facto standard in other Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory implementations.

What is inetOrgPerson object in LDAP?

The InetOrgPerson object class is used in several non-Microsoft, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and X.500 directory services to represent people in an organization. Support for InetOrgPerson makes migration from other LDAP directories to AD DSmore efficient.