What is AM3 socket motherboard?

Socket AM3 is a CPU socket for AMD processors. AM3 was launched on February 9, 2009 as the successor to Socket AM2+, alongside the initial grouping of Phenom II processors designed for it. The sole principal change from AM2+ to AM3 is support for DDR3 SDRAM. The fastest CPU for socket AM3 is the Phenom II X6 1100T.

What type of socket package is an AMD socket AM3?

Socket AM3 was the socket for OPGA-938 and OPGA-940-packaged AMD microprocessors with an integrated DDR2/DDR3 memory controller and the successor to Socket AM2+.

What AMD socket has 942 pins?

An effective upgrade to the AM3 was a AMD’s AM3+. This is a 942 pins socket.

Can I use AM2 processor in AM3 socket?

Socket AM2/AM2+ AMD Phenom™ II processors are not compatible with AM3 motherboards. Forced installation can cause damage. Please note that Socket AM2+ AMD Phenom™ II processors cannot be used on socket AM3 motherboards.

What processor family uses AM3+?

What processor family uses the AM3+ socket? AMD FX.

What is Socket AM2 motherboard?

The Socket AM2, renamed from Socket M2 (to prevent using the same name as Cyrix MII processors), is a CPU socket designed by AMD for desktop processors, including the performance, mainstream and value segments. It was released on May 23, 2006, as a replacement for Socket 939.

Is socket 939 the same as AM2?

Socket 939 was succeeded by Socket AM2 in May 2006. It is the second socket designed for AMD’s AMD64 range of processors.

Are AM3 processors compatible with AM2 motherboards?

Compatibility. As AM3 processors also support DDR2, they are backwards-compatible with Socket AM2/AM2+, contingent upon a BIOS update for the motherboard. Manufacturers including Asus, Gigabyte, and others have labeled existing AM2/AM2+ boards as being “AM3 Ready” or similar, indicating that BIOS support is provided for the specified boards.

What is the difference between AM2 and AM3 sockets?

Compatibility. Socket AM3 breaks compatibility with AM2/AM2+ processors due to a subtle change in key placement. The AM3 socket has 941 pin contacts in a different layout while AM2+ processors have 940 pins. Tom’s Hardware removed the two obstructing key pins from an AM2+ Phenom processor in order to fit it into an AM3 socket.

Is there an AM3 processor functional data sheet for the Phenom?

Like the previous AMD socket, the “AM3 Processor Functional Data Sheet” (AMD document number 40778) has not been made publicly available. The “Family 10h AMD Phenom™ Processor Product Data Sheet” (document 446878) has, but contains only a brief list of features of the Phenom, and does not contain any substantive technical data regarding socket AM3.