What is a voussoir in architecture?

voussoir : One of the wedge-shaped stones used in constructing an arch. See also: arch,archivolt.

What does voussoir mean?

Definition of voussoir : one of the wedge-shaped pieces forming an arch or vault — see arch illustration.

What is the central voussoir?

The central voussoir is called the keystone. The point from which the arch rises from its vertical supports is known as the spring,… In Western architecture: Construction. …wedge-shaped stones or tiles called voussoirs.

Where will you find a voussoir?

Each unit in an arch or vault is a voussoir. The voussoir that is positioned in the centre of the arch is known as the keystone. The bottom voussoirs resting on the springing line are referred to as springers. The springing line is the point from which the arch starts to rise from its vertical supports.

What is the function of voussoir?

A voussoir (/vuˈswɑːr/) is a wedge-shaped element, typically a stone, which is used in building an arch or vault.

What is skew back in arch?

Definition of skewback : a course of masonry, a stone, or an iron plate having an inclined face against which the voussoirs of an arch abut.

What are spandrels on a house?

In buildings of more than one story the spandrel is the area between the sill of a window and the head of the window below it. In steel or reinforced concrete structures there will sometimes be a spandrel beam extending horizontally from one column to another and supporting a section of wall.

What is keystone in arch?

In arch. … central voussoir is called the keystone. The point from which the arch rises from its vertical supports is known as the spring, or springing line. During construction of an arch, the voussoirs require support from below until the keystone has been set in place; this support usually takes the form…

What are brick arches?

Brick arches are ornamental ways of bridging openings which are comprised of small units bonded together around a curve or series of curves. Arches need no additional reinforcements as brick lintels do because of wedge shaped units as load increases, the unit in the arch becomes tighter.

What is stilted arch?

A stilted arch is one in which the curve of the arch, supported, as it were, on stilts, springs from the vertical at a point at a level higher than that of the impost which carries the thrust of the arch.

What is semi circular arch?

Also known as the Roman arch, the Semicircular Arch forms a half circle and is a major feature of all Roman architecture. A strong structure, this arch is often found in bridges and aqueducts. It appears a simple arch to manufacture, as each voussoir is identical in taper to its neighbour.