What is a pre-jump?

To brush up on its meaning, a pre-jump is having your car jump before the opponent goes for a shot and flying in order to save an aerial shot from entering the net.

What is Serjte?

STUDY. STATIC LINE CONTROL. After the JM issues the command “hook up”, jumpers will remove the universal static line snap hook from the. carrying handle of the reserve parachute.

How do you perform a PLF?

Technique. While landing under a parachute canopy, the jumper’s feet strike the ground first and, immediately, he throws himself sideways to distribute the landing shock sequentially along five points of body contact with the ground: the balls of the feet.

How many points is a contact in a PLF?

You will make a proper parachute landing fall by hitting all five points of contact. Touch them, and repeat them after me. One, BALLS OF YOUR FEET; two, CALF; three, THIGH; four, BUTTOCKS; and five, PULL UP MUSCLE.

What are the five points of performance?

You will make a parachute landing fall by hitting all five points of contact. Touch them, and repeat them after me. 1) balls of feet, 2) calf, 3) thigh, 4) buttocks and 5) pull up muscle.

What is airborne PLF?

Essentially, a parachute landing fall (PLF) is a sophisticated way to fall when coming in for a parachute landing that can’t be stood up safely.

How do parachutists land?

Skydiving landings are controlled arrivals, using inputs on the parachute to slow forward and downward movement. Most skydiving landings are very gentle with the skydiver touching down on their feet or buttocks. Skydivers are taught to land into the wind where possible, which further aids the landing process.

What are the 5 points of performance?

What speed do paratroopers jump at?

Paratroopers can be dropped from an aircraft at a maximum speed of 173 mph (150 kn), at a minimum of 500 ft (150 m). Maximum jump wind speed is 15 mph (13 kn).

How do you slip a parachute?

Maintain a good, tight body position. Grasp the ripcord handle with either hand. Throw your head back and to the rear, pull out on the ripcord handle, and drop it. Your reserve parachute will activate.