What is a mission order?

Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms mission type order. 1. An order issued to a lower unit that includes the accomplishment of the total mission assigned to the higher headquarters. 2. An order to a unit to perform a mission without specifying how it is to be accomplished.

What are the three 3 functions of the AFP?


  • To secure the sovereignty of the state and the integrity of the national territory.
  • Protect the country from foreign aggression and internal subversion.
  • To advance the national aims and interest.
  • To perform such duties as the President may direct.

What is the mission of armed forces of the Philippines?

Mission: The mission of the Philippine Army is to “organize, train, equip, deploy and sustain ground forces in the conduct of support to operations to “win the peace” in order to help the Filipino nation create an environment conducive for sustainable development and just and lasting peace”. 3.

What are the Mission and basic function of the AFP?

The Armed Forces of the Philippines, being the protector of the people, plays a crucial role in preserving peace and harmony, by defending the country against terrorism and other forms of threats, whether of civilian or military nature.

What are the 5 paragraphs of an op order?

An OPORD is formatted to organize an operation into five easily understood paragraphs: Situation, Mission, Execution, Sustainment (formerly Service and Support, currently referred to as Admin & Logistics by the US Marine Corps), and Command and Control.

What are the 5 AFP major services?

The Commanding General had a direct supervision of the five major commands under the Armed Forces of the Philippines: Philippine Constabulary, Philippine Ground Force, Philippine Naval Patrol, Philippine Air Force, and Philippine Service Command.

How do you write an op order?