What is a guide outfitter?

Hunting guide outfitters are experienced outdoorsmen and women who guide clients on hunting trips. They provide transportation and gear, called “outfitting.” They use their expertise to help clients have a good trip in the outdoors. These outfitters also often specialize in guiding fishing trips.

How much is a guided hunt in British Columbia?

$ 35,000 US
Guided hunts are 12 days in duration. One hunter/one guide, $ 35,000 US. Non-hunting companion $250 US/day. Guided hunts are 9 days in duration.

How do you become a guide in BC?

How do I get a guide outfitter licence? You can apply for a guide outfitter licence using WILD or apply in-person at a FrontCounter BC office. If you choose to submit your application online, you must have a basic BCeID. You must also have your Fish & Wildlife ID (FWID) prior to submitting your application.

How much is a guided elk hunt in Canada?


Hunting Package Days Price (per person)
Rocky Mountain Elk (also includes mule deer, black bear, wolf and whitetail) 7 $7,450
7 $5,450
10 $8,950
10 $6,750

How do you become an outfitters guide?


  1. Must complete licensing application.
  2. Must be employed by a licensed outfitter.
  3. Must possess a valid conservation license.
  4. Must not be a convicted felon.
  5. Must possess first aid certification.
  6. Must meet one of the following criteria:
  7. Have at least one season experience of hunting and fishing.

Can you make a living being a hunting guide?

Even though most people hunt for fun rather than profit, some make their living at it with predator hunting jobs or hunting guide jobs, while others find profitable, short-term hunting income to subsidize future hunting opportunities.

Where is the best place to hunt elk in BC?

The East Kootenay Region of British Columbia is one of the few places sportsman can hunt Elk during the rut in the archery and rifle season and is home to some of the very best wilderness elk hunting in North America.

How much is a guided elk hunt in BC?

Hunts available for 2022

Government Licenses, Royalty & Tag Fees
Fishing License $60.00
Black-Tailed Deer $175.00
Wolf $75.00
Elk $375.00

What does it take to be a hunting guide?

5 Steps to Becoming a Hunting and Fishing Guide

  • Specialize and Focus with your Hunting and Fishing Experience.
  • Research Relevant Laws and Regulations in the Hunting and Fishing Industry.
  • Create a Business Plan for your Hunting and Fishing Career.
  • Build Your Authority as a Professional Hunting and Fishing Guide.

How do I become a hunting guide in Canada?

You must be a permanent resident of Canada or a Canadian citizen. Government-issued documentation is required as proof at the time of application. Hunter education: you must have successfully completed a Hunter Education Training course. Proof is required.

Where is the best moose hunting in BC?

Moose are found throughout B.C. east of the Coast Mountains. Historically, the centre of the province (the Omineca and Cariboo Regions) offered some of the highest densities and best moose hunting in North America.

Can you make a living as a hunting guide?

You truly can make a living through hunting. Learn how to become a hunting guide and transform your passion for one of the world’s oldest sports into a lucrative career.