What is a good rank Hearthstone?

Hearthstone Ranked star bonuses and streaks

  • Bronze 5 to Silver 10: Two stars.
  • Silver 5: Three stars.
  • Gold 10: Four stars.
  • Gold 5: Five stars.
  • Platinum 10: Six stars.
  • Platinum 5: Seven stars.
  • Diamond 10: Eight stars.
  • Diamond 5: Nine stars.

What rank is Diamond 10 Hearthstone?

5 ranks
Rank floors occur at every 5 ranks in the ladder, for example at “Bronze 5” or “Gold 10″….Gaining stars.

Best rank last season Minimum Star Bonus
Diamond 10 8x
Diamond 5 9x
Legend 10x
High Legend 11x

What is considered high legend Hearthstone?

Cause when you are high enough to queue into the number 1 player, you’re at the top of legend for sure. You must’ve been really enjoying a deck to get that high lol. I actually used topdeck back then and posted my deck’s.

Is getting legend in Hearthstone hard?

Whether you want the prestigious card back, a chance to play against pros, or you just want everyone to know how good you are, getting to legend is very hard. Legend players are comprised of about the top 0.5% of players in a region in any given season.

What percent of Hearthstone players are in diamond?

How many players are diamond in Hearthstone? There is an even percentage distribution at Bronze, Silver, and Gold, while the skill level ramps up at Diamond, which is limited to 3.1% of the player base.

Is it hard to get legend in Hearthstone?

What percentage of players are diamond Hearthstone?

What percentage of HS players are legend?

Legend players are comprised of about the top 0.5% of players in a region in any given season. With about 20 million players worldwide that means that only 100,000 players will actually reach legend.

What percentage of players are legend in Hearthstone?

What Percent Of Hearthstone Players Are Legend? The average legend player comprises an estimated 0 percent. From any given season, approximately 5% of all players in a region play this sport. In the absence of more than 20 million players across the globe, only 100,000 legends will still exist.