What is a Epiphone Special II worth?

Epiphone Les Paul Special II LE – Electric Guitar – Black – Like New

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How much is a Epiphone Special model worth?

Cost of Gibson and Epiphone Les Paul Models

Guitar Price ($) Origin
Epiphone Les Paul Junior $380 China
Epiphone Les Paul Special $400 China
Epiphone Les Paul Studio $450 China
Epiphone Les Paul Classic $500 China

What pickups are in Epiphone Special II?

Pickups: The Epi LP ii features a double humbucker pick-up arrangement, with a 650R as the neck pickup and a 700T as the bridge pickup.

What is Les Paul Junior?

The Gibson Les Paul Jr. is a solid-body electric guitar introduced in 1954 as an affordable, entry-level Les Paul. It was first released with a single-cutaway body style; models with a double-cutaway body style were later introduced in 1958.

What pickups are in an Epiphone Les Paul?

It has ProBucker-2 and ProBucker-3 pickups with coil-tapping, which distinguishes it from the regular Standard PlusTop. PAF humbuckers were the original humbuckers from 1957. Like the Standard PlusTop, this guitar features a flame maple veneer top.

Who played a Les Paul Special?

The Special’s two P-90 pickups offered an alternative to humbuckers that was preferred by such influential guitarists as Carlos Santana (who played an SG Special as well as a Les Paul Special) and Pete Townshend (who played an SG Special before switching to Les Paul Deluxes).

Where is Epiphone Les Paul made?

Epiphone Guitars are made in Gibson’s own factory in Asia. Because Gibson owns the Epiphone factory overseas and doesn’t use contract manufacturers, you can be sure that your Epiphone Les Paul is made to the exacting standards of the Gibson Company.