What is a desk blotter used for?

A desk pad or blotter is a table protector used when work such as painting or writing would otherwise damage the table or desk. Different desk pads have specific uses, for example Chinese calligraphy uses a black velour desk pad since Chinese calligraphy is written using an ink brush.

What can I put on top of my desk to protect it?

Use Desktex desk mats in the office or home to protect your workspace from scratches, scuffs and spillages. Desk pads help keep desks organized, clean and tidy. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth to remove any dirt build up. And, as the mats are transparent, they fit in with any interior design style.

What are desk pads called?

desk blotters
They go by many names. Traditionally, they’re called desk blotters—because they originally served as a writing surface that protected your desk from sharp pens and spilled ink. Nowadays, they’re more likely referred to as desk pads.

Are desk pads good for gaming?

Desk pads are a great way to protect your desk and your gear, and they can also be a great accent for your gaming setup. These accessories are an underrated part of any computer setup, so it’s important to get one that fits your needs. A desk pad for gaming can also make your room more comfortable.

Are desk pads useful?

A desk mat may seem unnecessary and frankly, it is. Your desk will be able to hold objects just fine without a mat. But a nice mat is a functional and aesthetic upgrade that is well worth the investment. Protection: A desk mat will help defend your desk from the wear and tear of keyboards, mice, and your own arms.

How do you make a desk blotter?


  1. Step 1: MAKE THE SUBSTRATE. I made this out of 1/8 inch MDF.
  2. Step 2: CUT THE FABRIC. Alright, now I cut the fabric that I want to use for my blotter.
  3. Step 3: GLUE TOP DOWN.
  5. Step 5: FELTING.

How do I stop my desk from scratching?

Stick cork pads, which are harvested from the bark of oak trees and backed with adhesive, onto lamp bases, vases, or plant pots to protect tabletops from scratches. They also provide often-used items, such as desk accessories, with gentle traction on smooth surfaces.

How do I protect my desk from scratches?

Use custom table pads. Using table top protectors for wood is one of the best ways to prevent your wooden table from any scratches. You can use some desk pads to cover your table top. It provides comprehensive protection while being attractive and effective.

What mousepad do pros use?

Mouse Pads Used by Professional Gamers As you can observe, the SteelSeries QCK+, BenQ ZOWIE G-SR and the HyperX Fury S Pro are popular among top gamers. And this is true across different types of games. The Corsair MM200 and Logitech G640 are also popular among some Pro Gamers.

What should I look for when buying a desk pad?

What to Consider. Before picking a desk pad, the first thing to consider is its surface material and its ability to withstand accidental spills. Yes, linoleum, synthetic leather, and vinyl are much easier to maintain — but they’re also nowhere near as cool and luxurious as genuine leather or felt.

Why do people buy desk mats?

Protection: A desk pad will help defend your desk from the wear and tear of keyboards, mice, and your own arms. It’s a layer of protection that’s equally valuable if you have a nice desk you would like to keep nice, or a cheap desk that requires all the help it can get.