What is a close group of trees called?

clump. noun. a group of trees or plants growing very close together.

What are many trees together called?

The collective noun for a large area of trees is a forestof trees. Other collective nouns for trees are:An “orchard” is a large area of fruit or nut bearing trees. A “wood” is a slightly smaller. A group of Bullfinches is called a Bellowing.

What do you call a place full of trees?

adjective. a leafy place contains a lot of trees and plants.

What is it called when a group of bushes grow closely together?

A thicket is a small group of trees or bushes which are growing closely together.

What is a small cluster of trees called?

A grove is a small group of trees with minimal or no undergrowth, such as a sequoia grove, or a small orchard planted for the cultivation of fruits or nuts. Other words for groups of trees include woodland, woodlot, thicket, or stand.

What is a clump of trees?

countable noun. A clump of things such as trees or plants is a small group of them growing together.

What is it called when two trees grow together?

Inosculation is a natural phenomenon in which trunks, branches or roots of two trees grow together. It is biologically similar to grafting and such trees are referred to in forestry as gemels, from the Latin word meaning “a pair”.

When trees are grown on a large area this is called?

Natural Vegetation is the correct answer.

What is a small forested area called?

A woodlot is a parcel of a woodland or forest capable of small-scale production of forest products (such as wood fuel, sap for maple syrup, sawlogs, and pulpwood) as well as recreational uses like bird watching, bushwalking, and wildflower appreciation.

What is a thicket of trees?

Definition of thicket 1 : a dense growth of shrubbery or small trees : copse. 2 : something resembling a thicket in density or impenetrability : tangle a political thicket a thicket of reporters.

What is a cluster of trees?

Definition 3: A cluster tree is a tree T such that. Every leaf of T is a distinct symbol. Every internal node of T has at least two children. Each internal node of T is labelled with a non-negative value. Two or more nodes may be given the same value.

What is a grove of trees?

Definition of grove 1 : a small wood without underbrush a picnic grove. 2 : a planting of fruit or nut trees.