What is a bridge in an argumentative essay?

Page 1. Bridge Sentences. A bridge sentence is a special kind of topic sentence. In addition to signaling what the new paragraph is about, it shows how that follows from what the old paragraph said. The key to constructing good bridges is briefly pointing back to what you just finished saying.

What does a bridge mean in writing?

A writer uses a bridge statement, or bridge sentence, to link one idea to another and create a smooth transition between ideas. Instead of starting each paragraph with a topic sentence, you can use a bridge sentence to show how the previous idea relates to the idea your article is about to introduce.

What does a bridge symbolize?

The bridge is inherently symbolic of communication and union, whether it be between heaven and earth or two distinct realms. For this reason it can be seen as the connection between God and Man. It may be the passage to reality, or merely a symbol for travel and crossing.

How do you use bridge in a sentence?

Bridge sentence examplesWithin two hours, the bridge was passable. The 1862 bridge burned and was painstakingly replaced in 2001. “We.ve crossed this bridge before,” she assured her. They were close to her condo; she drove the massive Sky Bridge every day to get to work. “Water under the bridge,” he answered. Will they burn the bridge or not?

What is a hook and bridge?

Hook, Bridge, Thesis. The hook grabs the readers attention. The bridge transitions. The thesis tells the reader exactly what the essay is about.

What is the sentence of pretty?

Pretty sentence examples. Your aunt and uncle seem pretty fond of you. Oh, what a pretty sound it made! We just turned off the highway, so we’ll be there pretty soon.