What is a biomarker simple definition?

(BY-oh-MAR-ker) A biological molecule found in blood, other body fluids, or tissues that is a sign of a normal or abnormal process, or of a condition or disease. A biomarker may be used to see how well the body responds to a treatment for a disease or condition. Also called molecular marker and signature molecule.

What are biomarker examples?

Examples of biomarkers include everything from blood pressure and heart rate to basic metabolic studies and x-ray findings to complex histologic and genetic tests of blood and other tissues. Biomarkers are measurable and do not define how a person feels or functions.

What are biomarkers and why are they important?

Biomarker is short for biological marker, and is used as an indication that a biological process in the body has happened or is ongoing. While some biomarkers are used to show that the body has been exposed to a chemical, toxin or other environmental impact — most associate biomarkers with medicine.

What is another word for biomarker?

In this page you can discover 6 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for biomarkers, like: biologic, biomarker, prodrugs, immunotherapy, carcinogenesis and immunomodulation.

What are biomarkers and why are they useful?

How do biomarkers work?

Biomarkers are molecules that indicate normal or abnormal process taking place in your body and may be a sign of an underlying condition or disease. Various types of molecules, such as DNA (genes), proteins or hormones, can serve as biomarkers, since they all indicate something about your health.

What is a synonym for marker?

noundistinctive label, mark. brand name. emblem. hallmark. heraldry.

What is the meaning of quantitation?

to measure or estimate the quantity of
Definition of quantitate transitive verb. 1 : to measure or estimate the quantity of especially : to measure or determine precisely.

How does a biomarker work?

What is the opposite of a marker?

What is the opposite of marker?

commonality parallel
resemblance similarity
commonalty similitude