What is a antonym for documentation?

Opposite of evidence or argument establishing a fact or the truth of a statement. disproof. denial. veto. refusal.

What is the synonym for documentation?

synonyms for documentation

  • authentication.
  • corroboration.
  • declaration.
  • evidence.
  • proof.
  • substantiation.
  • testament.
  • testimonial.

What is the synonym of documenting?

Words Related to documenting. backing (up), buttressing, circumstantiating, corroborating.

What’s another word for documentation?


  • attestation,
  • confirmation,
  • corroboration,
  • evidence,
  • proof,
  • substantiation,
  • testament,
  • testimonial,

What do you mean by a document?

A document is a form of information . A document can be put into an electronic form and stored in a computer as one or more file s. Often a single document becomes a single file. An entire document or individual parts may be treated as individual data items. As files or data, a document may be part of a database .

What is a collection of documents called?

1 accumulation, anthology, compilation, congeries, heap, hoard, mass, pile, set, stockpile, store.

What is the opposite of documentation?

Opposite of documentation provided with computer software. Opposite of evidence or argument establishing a fact or the truth of a statement. Opposite of evidence or proof. Opposite of a legal or official authorization for entry. Opposite of official or legal paperwork. Opposite of the action of recording an item in a diary, list, etc. … more . .

What is a synonym for documentation?

What is the verb for documentation? documentation. document. To record in documents. To furnish with documents or papers necessary to establish facts or give information. Synonyms: detail, chronicle, log, record, register, report, archive, catalogue, file, note, cite, describe, chart, diarize, instance, particularise, particularize, tabulate, catalog, write down, take down, put on record, write about, set down, keep a record, set down in writing, commit to paper, set down in black and white,

What is an example of documentation?

– Testing documentation – Source code documentation – API documentation – Software architecture documentation – Solution instructions for advanced users

What does the word documentation mean?

something presented in support of the truth or accuracy of a claim. the archaeologist presented convincing documentation of her theory at the conference. Synonyms for documentation. attestation, confirmation, corroboration, evidence, proof, substantiation,