What helps abdominal dehiscence?

Deep dehiscence of the underlying fascia is a surgical emergency and must be closed in the operating room, as this can lead to evisceration. If the wound shows signs of evisceration, the wound can be covered with a sterile saline dressing until the herniating organs can be reduced back into the abdomen.

What should a nurse do if a wound dehiscence?

Managing dehiscence

  1. • Call medical and nursing assistance immediately. Stay with the patient.
  2. • Assist the patient into a position which reduces intra-abdominal pressure to prevent further strain on the wound and evisceration.
  3. • Cover the wound with a sterile pad soaked.

How do you treat abdominal wounds?

  1. If necessary, hold the wound edges together to control bleeding. Sometimes the patient can change position slightly to help the wound to close.
  2. If the intestines are visible, DO NOT touch or try to replace them.
  3. Cover a gaping wound with sterile dressings soaked in warm water to avoid damage to organs.

Is wound dehiscence an emergency?

Complete wound dehiscence is a medical emergency, as it can lead to evisceration, where internal organs protrude through the wound.

Can you Restitch an open wound?

Complications of Removing Stitches Wound reopening: If sutures are removed too early, or if excessive force is applied to the wound area, the wound can reopen. The doctor may restitch the wound or allow the wound to close by itself naturally to lessen the chances of infection.

What happens if your incision opens?

If you incision breaks open, call your doctor. Your doctor may decide not to close it again with stitches. If that happens, your doctor will show you how to care for your incision a different way. This will likely involve the use of bandages to absorb the drainage that comes from the incision.

Which action would the nurse take after observing dehiscence of the client’s abdominal surgical wound with evisceration?

If found, the nurse should manage an evisceration by immediately notifying the provider and covering the wound with a nonadherent dressing pre-moistened with sterile normal saline.

How do you dress an open abdominal wound?

a. Apply the dressing/pad, white side down, directly over the wound. WARNING: Do NOT apply pressure to the wound or other exposed internal parts. CAUTION: Do NOT touch the white (sterile) side of the dressing.

How long does it take an abdominal open wound to heal?

The average time for an abdominal incision to fully heal is roughly 1 to 2 months. If you think your wound may be reopening, or if you notice any symptoms of dehiscence, contact your doctor or surgeon immediately. You may also need to place yourself on bed rest and stop any activity or lifting.