What happens if Vitamin D 25-Hydroxy is low?

Low vitamin D levels can cause health problems, such as rickets and osteomalacia. A 25-hydroxy vitamin D test can help someone determine whether they have a deficiency or are at risk of developing one. It is possible to get enough vitamin D by going outside in the sunlight each day.

How can I increase my vitamin D 25-Hydroxy levels?

Eat Foods High in Vitamin D Foods including fatty fish, fish liver oil, egg yolks, and mushrooms naturally have high levels of vitamin D. Other foods, especially dairy and plant-based milks, are frequently fortified with vitamin D.

What is a good vitamin D hydroxy level?

Normal Results The normal range of vitamin D is measured as nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL). Many experts recommend a level between 20 and 40 ng/mL. Others recommend a level between 30 and 50 ng/mL.

Is 25 a low level of vitamin D?

Tests for Vitamin D Deficiency The most accurate way to measure how much vitamin D is in your body is the 25-hydroxy vitamin D blood test. A level of 20 nanograms/milliliter to 50 ng/mL is considered adequate for healthy people. A level less than 12 ng/mL indicates vitamin D deficiency.

What does low vitamin D hydroxy mean?

Low blood levels of 25-hydroxy vitamin D usually mean one (or more) of the following: you aren’t eating a balanced, complete diet. your intestines aren’t absorbing the vitamin properly. you’re not spending enough time outside to absorb adequate vitamin D levels through sun exposure.

Is vitamin D3 the same as vitamin D 25 Hydroxy?

Vitamin D3 is made by your own body when you are exposed to sunlight. It is also found in some foods, including eggs and fatty fish, such as salmon, tuna, and mackerel. In your bloodstream, vitamin D2 and vitamin D3 are changed into a form of vitamin D called 25 hydroxyvitamin D, also known as 25(OH)D.

How long does it take to correct a vitamin D deficiency?

“If you put people on 2,000-4,000 [milligrams] of vitamin D based on what their deficient value was, you can usually get them corrected in four to six weeks, which is when you are really going to need the vitamin D.

What does vitamin D 25 Hydroxy mean in a blood test?

The 25-hydroxy vitamin D test is the best way to monitor vitamin D levels. The amount of 25-hydroxyvitamin D in your blood is a good indication of how much vitamin D your body has. The test can determine if your vitamin D levels are too high or too low.

Why would vitamin D be low?

(Rickets; Osteomalacia) Vitamin D deficiency is most commonly caused by a lack of exposure to sunlight. Some disorders can also cause the deficiency. The most common cause is lack of exposure to sunlight, usually when the diet is deficient in vitamin D, but certain disorders can also cause the deficiency.