What happened to the Shadow Broker ship?

Liara remotely crashes the Shadow Broker Base into a Cerberus cruiser, resulting in the destruction of both ships. Assorted tech from the remains of the ship can be salvaged and used to aid the construction of the Crucible.

Where is the Shadow Broker model ship?

Mass Effect 3

Model Location
Shadow Broker Base Deck 4: In the subdeck, behind some stacked boxes in front of the workbench on the starboard side. It is only present if the Lair of the Shadow Broker content for Mass Effect 2 was purchased.
Sovereign Deck 4: In the subdeck, in a large box behind the workbench.

How do you beat the Shadow Broker?

Once his shields and armor are taken down, run up to him quickly, and melee him. Repeat the stripping/melee process three times to finish him off. It is useful to note that using either Liara’s Singularity or Stasis will stun the Shadow Broker for a brief time, giving you the chance to inflict more damage.

Is Liara still the Shadow Broker?

She is definitely the Shadow Broker in Mass Effect 3, regardless of if you played the DLC or not. I didn’t play the DLC, but there were signs that she had become the Broker regardless.

Does Liara become the Shadow Broker?

Liara T’Soni becomes the Shadow Broker herself and assumes control of his organization regardless of Shepard’s involvement.

Who was the first Shadow Broker?

The Shadow Broker is revealed to be a member of a pre-spaceflight race called the yahg. Liara surmises that because the yahg were not discovered until 2125 CE and the Broker’s ship is considerably older than that, this yahg usurped the original Shadow Broker years ago and has been running the organization ever since.

How did Liara become Shadow Broker?

With the death of the yahg Broker, Liara T’Soni steps into the role of Shadow Broker herself. As Shepard and Liara had killed the few operatives aware of the Broker’s true identity, Liara could take over without anyone else in the organization suspecting a transition.

What happens if I hug Liara?

After you defeat the final boss on Hagalaz, you’ll be able to pick “[Hug her]”, which will be accentuated with a kiss (and a second one if you take the Paragon Interrupt). You can then talk to Liara again afterwards and pick “I want to talk about us” when it pops up.

What happens if you cheat on Liara in Mass Effect 3?

This seems to have no effect on Liara later on, and Shepard can continue onto Mass Effect 3 to romance her, however, Shepard will be forced to choose between their love interests during the third game.

Why did Liara stop being the Shadow Broker?

Liara T’Soni suggests his dealings with the Collectors were a selfish and ill-conceived attempt to ensure his own survival from the Reapers’ coming genocide. Ultimately, the Shadow Broker was never given the chance to further his plans.

Is Liara the only Asari with eyebrows?

In fact they are not eyebrows, just facial markings that resemble eyebrows. They were probably added by BioWare to make her look more attractive for us and later they came up with some lore explanation.

Where can I view Shadow Broker’s archived video clips?

On board the Shadow Broker Base, at the Video Archives terminal, the player can review archived video clips of people all around the galaxy that the Shadow Broker has been observing. [1] Clips include: On Omega above Harrot’s Emporium overseeing the execution of a Blue Suns mercenary. Sitting in her booth at the Afterlife Club.

Where can I find Shadow Broker ship models?

This is a Research Terminal like the one located on the Normandy SR-2, where the player can examine and purchase upgrades . On the table next to the survey information terminal, there is a Shadow Broker ship model that you can take.

How dangerous is the Shadow Broker’s ship?

The exterior of the Shadow Broker’s ship is a hazardous place. The Shadow Broker’s private army patrols the exterior, and Maintenance Drones tend to the hull and the systems on the exterior of the ship.

What is the Shadow Broker base?

The Shadow Broker Base is a massive ship that travels through the volatile atmosphere of Hagalaz, which conceals its presence. It is from here that the Shadow Broker rules his empire. The exterior of the Shadow Broker’s ship is a hazardous place.