What happened to the doll at the end of The Boy?

The mirror explodes; from a hole behind it emerges the real, now-adult Brahms wearing a porcelain mask identical to the doll’s face; after surviving the fire, Brahms has been living in the walls of the house and is abnormal. Brahms kills Cole, then turns on Malcolm and Greta.

Who is the killer in The Boy?

Brahms Heelshire
Brahms Heelshire is the titular main antagonist of the 2016 psychological horror thriller film The Boy and the posthumous overarching antagonist in its 2020 sequel Brahms: The Boy 2. He is the son of a wealthy family called the Heelshires, and a serial killer.

What happened to Brahms in The Boy?

After which, he started a fire so as to fake his death and avoid punishment, which resulted in his face becoming horribly burned and scarred. To protect their son, the Heelshires hid Brahms away in the walls of their mansion and had him declared dead, so that no one could find him.

What happened to Greta in The Boy?

Greta uses Brahms’ own rules against him when she confronts him, demanding that he go to sleep. After Brahms enters his bed, he tries to pull Greta in for his “good night kiss”. Greta stabs and apparently kills him. She then escapes, rescuing Malcolm and leaving the Heelshire estate gate open behind her.

Is Brahms still alive in The Boy 2?

In a surprise twist, The Boy revealed that the doll was not alive at all. Instead, the real Brahms was still alive – and hiding in the walls of his big, spooky mansion. With that twist in mind, you might think a sequel would be a tricky thing.

Who put the doll back together in The Boy?

One of the big mysteries left unanswered during our set visit was exactly how Brahms came to be buried in the dirt on the grounds of the mansion. The grown-up Brahms painstakingly put the broken doll back together, even after being stabbed in the chest by a screwdriver at the end of the first film.

Who is the real Brahms in The Boy?

The human Brahms was one of the creature’s victims. So is Jude, so is Ralph Ineson’s sinister “groundskeeper” Joseph, and countless others. At the end of Brahms: The Boy II, we even see Brahm’s real face after Jude’s dad, Sean, smacks the doll with a croquet mallet.

What happens at the end of The Boy two?

At the end of Brahms: The Boy II, we even see Brahm’s real face after Jude’s dad, Sean, smacks the doll with a croquet mallet. Instead of shattering, the porcelain falls away to reveal a pint-sized Lovecraftian horror lurking underneath. Jude ends up throwing the the doll in the fire, but that’s not the end of Brahms.

What really happened to Brahms?

The film’s real villain was the real-life Brahms Heelshire, who didn’t actually die but hid in the walls of his family’s home for decades, living vicariously through the porcelain plaything.