What happened to Douglas Mawson?

Mawson died at his Brighton home on 14 October 1958 following cerebral haemorrhage.

What did Douglas Mawson discover?

Sir Douglas Mawson is one of Australia’s best known Antarctic explorers. His personal Antarctic achievements include discovering the location of the south magnetic pole as part of Shackleton’s Nimrod Expedition, and organizing and leading the first true scientific expedition to Antarctica.

Who is Sir Douglas Mawson?

Douglas Mawson, in full Sir Douglas Mawson, (born May 5, 1882, Shipley, Yorkshire, England—died October 14, 1958, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia), Australian geologist and explorer whose travels in the Antarctic earned him worldwide acclaim.

Who was Douglas Mawson parents?

Margaret Ann Moore
Robert Ellis Mawson
Douglas Mawson/Parents

Did Douglas Mawson survive?

One hundred years ago this week, Australia’s foremost polar explorer, Douglas Mawson, returned home after two years of triumph and terror in East Antarctica.

Did Mawson eat Mertz?

But the real story behind it may have been much darker, according to a new book by an award-wining historian, David Day, who suggests Mawson deliberately starved Mertz to death – and then boiled up his flesh and ate it.

How did Douglas Mawson change the world?

Mawson’s team discovered the first meteorites in Antarctica. The second year also gave them the time to make the wireless equipment they had brought with them in 1911 work at long range. Mawson’s expedition was the first to connect Antarctica to the outside world by radio.

Why did Douglas Mawson come to Australia?

1911 to 1914 Australasian Antarctic Expedition (AAE) Explorers during this time were focused on being the first to reach the South Geographic Pole. However, Mawson’s passion for advancing scientific knowledge inspired him to develop an Australian-led Antarctic research expedition.

Where was Mawson born?

Shipley, United KingdomDouglas Mawson / Place of birth

Where did Douglas Mawson live?

AdelaideDouglas Mawson / Places lived

Who founded Mawson base?

Sir Douglas Mawson

Mawson Station
Subdivision Holme Bay Mac Robertson Land East Antarctica
Administered by Australian Antarctic Division
Established 13 February 1954
Named for Sir Douglas Mawson

What happened to Mawson and his companions on their journey?

As the team crossed an ice field, riven with crevasses concealed by snow, Ninnis and the six strongest dogs fell to their deaths into a chasm hundreds of feet deep. Most of the human food, all of the dog food and the main tent went with them.