What happened to Alleria?

Alleria Windrunner was a ranger-captain of Silvermoon who led her rangers under the Alliance of Lordaeron during the Second War. She was also the head scout of the Alliance Expedition to Draenor. Alleria and her lover Turalyon disappeared after the planet was torn apart and were not heard from for many years.

Who is oldest Windrunner?

Alleria Windrunner is the oldest of the Windrunner sisters. Once a Ranger-Captain of Silvermoon during the Second War, her life changed once she joined the Alliance Expedition to Draenor. Alleria was stranded in the Twisting Nether, fighting the Burning Legion alongside her lover, Turalyon, for a thousand years.

Is Turalyon immortal?

After many years, Turalyon was infused with the Light by Xe’ra, granting him immortality.

How old is Arator?

Arator’s age when his mother Alleria left for war is inconsistent. Originally described in A Thousand Years of War as “a few months old” when Alleria journeyed to Draenor in Year 8, which would make him 24 years old during the third invasion of the Burning Legion in Year 32.

Does Sylvanas have a sister?

Vereesa Windrunner is the Ranger-General of the Silver Covenant. An elven ranger who fought throughout the Second and Third Wars, she is the youngest sister of Alleria and Sylvanas, widow of Archmage Rhonin Redhair, and mother of Giramar and Galadin.

What race was Sylvanas before forsaken?


Sylvanas Windrunner
Title Lady, Dark Lady, Banshee Formerly: Warchief of the Horde, Banshee Queen, Queen, Queen of the Forsaken, Forsaken Queen, Ranger-General of Silvermoon
Gender Female
Race(s) Darkfallen (former high elf) / Banshee
Class Ranger Dark ranger Hunter

Does turalyon have a last name?

Turalyon Menethil. He was Arthas older Brother and Anduin’s uncle.

Who is Lothraxion?

Lothraxion is the High Commander of the Grand Army of the Light, and serves High Exarch Turalyon and Lady Alleria Windrunner, who sent him to Azeroth in order to help protect it from the Burning Legion. He is a nathrezim infused with the Light, and can be found at Sanctum of Light, the order hall of the Silver Hand.