What happened in Ipperwash Crisis?

The Ipperwash Crisis was a dispute over Indigenous land that took place in Ipperwash Provincial Park, Ontario, in 1995. Several members of the Stoney Point Ojibway band occupied the park to assert claim to nearby land which had been expropriated from them during the Second World War.

What caused the Ipperwash Crisis?

THE IPPERWASH CRISIS The underlying cause of the crisis was the expropriation of the Stoney Point Indian Band (now known as the Chippewas of Kettle and Stony Point First Nation) reserve land by the federal government for use as a military camp in 1942.

How does Ipperwash tie into the Indian Act?

By the 1920s, cars packed the “Ipperwash Beach Highway” and tourists visited the Stoney Point picnic grounds by the thousands. However, up until 1929, the Stoney Point picnic grounds remained part of the Stoney Point Indian Reserve. According to the Indian Act, it was illegal for Non-Natives to trespass on Indian land.

What is the Ipperwash inquest?

The Ipperwash Inquiry was a public inquiry that examined the events surrounding the death of Dudley George who was shot during a protest by Aboriginal people at the Ipperwash Provincial Park in September 1995. The Inquiry also made recommendations aimed at avoiding violence in similar circumstances.

Why is the Ipperwash Inquiry important?

It was asked to make recommendations about avoiding violence in similar circumstances in the future. The report provides a roadmap for new relationships between Aboriginal peoples and the Ontario Government based on respect and reconciliation.

Did Ipperwash get their land back?

The federal and Ontario governments have returned Ipperwash Provincial Park to Kettle and Stony Point First Nation, the end of what’s called an “addition to reserve” process.

Is Ipperwash Beach Crown land?

Did you know that Ipperwash has 16 crown lands or public spaces within the Ipperwash community?

Who wrote the Ipperwash Inquiry?

Sidney B. Linden
The Ipperwash Inquiry was a two-year public judicial inquiry funded by the Government of Ontario, led by Sidney B. Linden, and established under the Ontario Public Inquiries Act (1990), which culminated in a four volume 1,533-page Ipperwash Inquiry Report released on May 30, 2007.

Who is Ipperwash?

Occupation and Confrontation at Ipperwash In May 1993, a group of Stony Point members peacefully occupied part of Camp Ipperwash (the military training camp), in order to assert their claim to the land and to prompt negotiations with the federal government.

Is Ipperwash a reserve?

During World War II, the federal government decided to build a military camp on reserve land occupied by the Stony Point First Nation and located in Ipperwash Provincial Park, Ontario.

Who owns Ipperwash Provincial Park?

Twenty-five years after the killing of Dudley George, the federal government has returned the land that was once Ipperwash Provincial Park to the Chippewas of Kettle and Stony Point First Nation.

When did Camp Ipperwash close?

July 29, 1995
The military identified IRTA as surplus and agreed to transfer the facility to the Stoney Point First Nation by 1995. The caretaker staff departed on July 29, 1995, when the Canadian Forces decommissioned the facility.