What happened at the Fairview Training Center?

More than 2,600 forced sterilizations took place at Fairview—and that’s not all. Vasectomies, forced hysterectomies, tubal ligations, and even castrations were requirements for patients to leave up through the late 70s. In 2002, then-Gov. John Kitzhaber issued a formal apology for these human rights violations.

Who owns Fairview Training Center in Salem Oregon?

PJM Fairview bought the land for approximately $21 million, becoming the site’s master developer in 2006.

Where was Fairview Training Center?

Salem, Oregon
The Fairview Training Center was a state-run facility for people with developmental disabilities in Salem, Oregon, United States. Fairview was established in 1907 as the State Institution for the Feeble-Minded.

Is the Oregon State Hospital abandoned?

The Oregon State Hospital, formerly known as the Oregon State Insane Asylum in Salem, was built in 1883. While it remains in use today, parts of its older wings have fallen into abandonment.

When did Fairview in Salem close?

Following a federal civil rights lawsuit, Fairview closed in 2000, with most remaining patients rehoused in the community.

When was Fairview Oregon founded?

FAIRVIEW’S EARLY HISTORY Fairview was established by the Oregon Legislature as “an institution for the feeble-minded, idiotic, and epileptic.” It grew from 39 “inmates” in 1908 to become the state’s largest institution in the 1960s with 61 buildings on a 275 acre campus that housed 3,000 residents.

When did Oregon State Hospital close?

In 1961, Dammasch State Hospital opened in Clackamas County near Portland, which served to mitigate the hospital’s overcrowding issues. Dammasch would close in 1995….

Oregon State Hospital
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Why did Dammasch state hospital close?

Dammasch, voted into existence by the Legislature in the early 1960s, is being shut because of the state’s money crunch. Stanley F. Mazur-Hart, superintendent of Oregon State Hospital, said Dammasch is scheduled to release 50 more patients by Nov. 1, bringing the total residents to 72, down from 345 five years ago.

What is Fairview Oregon known for?

It is an example of Western Farmhouse architecture and is the location of the Heslin House Museum. The City of Fairview has completed a survey of 127 historical sites, which includes Smith Memorial Church, built over 100 years ago.

Does Oregon have a state mental hospital?

Introduction. Oregon State Hospital (OSH) provides patient-centered, psychiatric treatment for adults from throughout the state who need hospital-level care.

How many beds does Oregon State hospital have?

Identification and Characteristics

Name and Address: Oregon State Hospital – Salem 2600 Center Street Northeast Salem, OR 97301
CMS Certification Number : 384008
Type of Facility: Psychiatric
Type of Control: Governmental, State
Total Staffed Beds: 577

Where was Dammasch hospital located?

Wilsonville, Oregon
Dammasch State Hospital was a mental hospital, asylum, and educational center located in Wilsonville, Oregon, United States. Named for Dr. Ferdinand H. Dammasch, the hospital opened in 1961 and closed in 1995.