What generation is medroxyprogesterone?

First generation progestogens include “pure” progestogens like medroxyprogesterone acetate, androgenic progestogens like norgestrel and estrogenic progestogens like norethisterone acetate. Second generation progestogens include levonorgestrel, the active isomer in norgestrel.

What generation is dienogest?

Several new progestins, which have been synthesised in the last 2 decades, may be considered fourth-generation progestins. These include dienogest, drospirenone, Nestorone (Population Council, New York, NY, USA), nomegestrol acetate and trimegestone.

How many generations of progestin are there?

There are eight different types of progestin that may be found in combination birth control pills along with estrogen (typically ethinyl estradiol).

What generation is cyproterone acetate?

Third Generation Pill This group of pills uses progestins such as norgestimate, desogestrel, gestodene and cyproterone acetate.

What is first generation progesterone?

The first generation progestin includes norethindrone, lynestrenol, ethynodiol diacetate, and norethisterone. The second generation includes levonorgestrel, and norgestrel. And the third generation includes desogestrel, gestodene, and norgestodene.

What are third generation birth control pills?

Third-generation oral contraceptives are an association of low-dose ethinyl estradiol and potent testosterone-derived progestins, developed in order to improve general and vascular tolerance. They are highly efficient and well tolerated by most users.

What generation is drospirenone?

The progesterone component of this oral contraceptive pill (OCP), drospirenone (DRSP), is a fourth-generation progestin that has potent progestogenic, antimineralocorticoid, and antiandrogenic activity, which are unique characteristics compared with the other progestogens contained in most of the other OCPs currently …

How long can dienogest be taken?

Dienogest at a dose of 2 mg daily has been studied extensively in clinical trial programs performed in Europe and Japan, including two studies with treatment durations of up to 65 weeks. These studies demonstrated that dienogest has an efficacy, safety, and tolerability profile that is favorable for long-term use.

What is third generation progesterone?

Desogestrel, gestodene, and norgestimate are 3 third generation progestins now available in Europe in combined oral contraceptives (OCs) containing ethinyl estradiol. The 3 gonane molecules all result from modifications in the structure of levonorgestrel which neutralize its androgenic activity.

What are second generation oral contraceptives?

Second generation pills contain the estrogen ethinyl estradiol. They also contain the progesterones levonorgestrel (Microgynon 30), or norethisterone (Loestrin 30). Third generation pills contain the estrogen ethinyl estradiol. They also contain the progesterones desogestrel (Marvelon), or gestodene (Femodene).

What is 3rd Gen progesterone?

What is a third generation pill?