What frequency does the PA State Police use?

Frequency 155.475 is known as the National Police Frequency. Clearfield County Department of Emergency Management Communications Center will monitor this frequency in agreement with the Pennsylvania State Police.

What frequency does NSW police use?


Frequency License Tag
2.20400 VKG Law Talk
2.28540 VKG Law Dispatch
2.67740 VKG Law Talk
2.67740 VKG Law Talk

What frequency is Victoria Police?


Frequency Type Mode
469.00000 RM FMN
469.05000 RM FMN
469.07500 RM FMN

What frequency is PSP on?

Statewide VHF

Frequency License Alpha Tag
159.21000 PSP Portable
155.46000 KN9796 PSP Tac 1
151.49000 KN9796 PSP Tac 2
155.79000 KN9796 PSP Tac 3

How can I listen to the NSW police radio?

Related Stations

  1. ABC Illawarra.
  2. i98 FM.
  3. 702 ABC Sydney.
  4. Snow FM.
  5. Radio 2ST.
  6. Power FM 94.9.
  7. 2Day FM.
  8. Vintage FM Penrith.

What UHF channel do police use in Australia?

Channel 5 and 35: are the designated emergency channels, and are not to be used except in an emergency.

What radio do police use?

Police radios operate in a 700/800 MHz UHF band. This gives them a considerable amount of range which is pretty good in urban areas. The P25 radio systems give an improved range for officers. Getting a larger antenna on your walkie talkie can improve the amount of range you receive.

Can you listen to police scanners Australia?

It is legal to listen to police communications however listeners could find themselves in trouble if they passed on private information or provide tip-offs to others.

Does 40-channel UHF still work?

Both the 40 and 80 channel uhf can work anywhere, including places with little to no infrastructure to transmit the signal.