What factory was the Mercedes Vario manufactured?

Ludwigsfelde factory
A total of 90 742 Varios have been produced at the Ludwigsfelde factory, which was the sole producer.

Which kind of vehicle is the Mercedes Vario?

Mercedes-Benz Vario
Class Commercial vehicle
Body style 3-door van 4-door van 4-door minibus
Layout Front engine, rear-wheel drive Front engine, four-wheel drive

What weight is a Mercedes Vario?


Manufacturer and type Mercedes Benz Vario DA 816 4×4
Weight 6.7 tons ready for traveling (inclusing full tanks), max weight 7.5 tons
Dimensions Length 6.90m, width 2.37m, height 3.55m
Diesel tanks 90 litres + 140 litres = 230 litres; Separ diesel filter
Diesel consumption 18 litres / 100km

How long is a Mercedes Vario bus?

INCHES. The interior dimensions (length) of the Mercedes L614D cargo space is 214.6″ (L1), 249.2″ (L2), and 283.9″ (L3). The interior width of the Vario is 74.8″ and the exterior width is 86.6″.

Can I drive Mercedes Vario?

So to drive a Mercedes Vario you will need a Category C1 or a Category C licence. Next is where it gets a little complicated but is much easier if you have a photocard style driving licence. If you passed your driving test before 1st January 1997 you may already automatically have the C1 category entitlement.

What license do I need to drive a Mercedes Vario?

So to drive a Mercedes Vario you will need a Category C1 or a Category C licence.

How do you open a car hood without the release?

How to open a car hood without the release

  1. Press the hood down.
  2. Pull the hood cable from the inside.
  3. Find the bonnet latch through the grille.
  4. Find a thin-ended screwdriver that can be used to reach the latch.
  5. Hook the screwdriver or the wire over the latch and tug the boot open.

How many miles does a Sprinter van last?

If you take good care of them with regular maintenance, Mercedes Sprinter vans can easily last for 300,000 miles or more. On the high end, it’s not unheard of for Sprinters to be going strong at 450,000+ miles. After 150,000 miles, it’s likely that you’ll be looking at your first major repairs.

What is the most fuel-efficient Sprinter van?

The Dodge Sprinter 2500 cargo van, in particular, gets an average fuel efficiency rating of 21 miles per gallon; that leaves most of the competition in the dust.