What episode of Graham Norton is Benedict Cumberbatch?

The Graham Norton Show Series 29, Episode 21 – Benedict Cumberbatch, RuPaul, Daisy Edgar-Jones, Diane Morgan, Regard x Years & Years – British Comedy Guide.

What word can Benedict Cumberbatch not say?

BBC Comedy on Twitter: “Benedict Cumberbatch can’t say penguin. No, really.

Did Benedict Cumberbatch learn violin in one week?

He also plays the violin. In order to portray a scene in which his character, Sherlock, plays the violin, Benedict Cumberbatch decided to learn how to play. Even more impressive is that he accomplished this great feat in only one week.

Is Benedict Cumberbatch in Star Wars?

Star Wars: Benedict Cumberbatch wows as Grand Admiral Thrawn in new image.

Is Benedict Cumberbatch very intelligent?

As Indiewire discovered at a lunch for “The Imitation Game” on Monday, hosted by The Weinstein Company and Chanel (one of the film’s stars, Keira Knightley, serves as the fashion house’s “face”), the reason why Cumberbatch is so deft at appearing smart onscreen is because in real life, he’s incredibly intelligent.

Is Benedict Cumberbatch playing Thrawn?

Benedict Cumberbatch Explains Why He Won’t Play Thrawn in ‘The Mandalorian’ The ‘Doctor Strange’ actor says he won’t play the fan-favorite ‘Star Wars’ character for one specific reason.

Is Ezra going to be in The Mandalorian?

Fans are eager to see Ezra Bridger make his live-action debut in The Mandalorian with Mena Massoud being a favorite among fans for the role and it’s easy to see why.

Is Thrawn in rogue one?

“You see the after effect of [Thrawn’s victory] in Rogue One,” Filoni said, according to io9. “They’re really hesitant to actually fight. It takes a lot to draw them out because they lost.” Some may view this as a stretch or revisionist history, but I think it actually makes a lot of sense.

Is Thrawn in The Mandalorian?

Thrawn’s mention in The Mandalorian, which takes place nearly a decade after the end of Rebels, indicated that he has indeed returned to the galaxy.